The Wild Wolf Pack is a massive force of feral wolves that plagued the Great Wood and the area around Harbone Citadel.


Ember Rising

Lord Captain Helmer and Captain Picket Longtreader encountered the wild wolves on their way to Harbone, and engaged a handful of them. Upon reaching Harbone, the two learned that the pack consisted of wolves who had broken away from those under the command of Morbin Blackhawk.

Without organization or purpose, the wolves had menaced Harbone Citadel for some time, killing many personnel and greatly restricting their ability to take action. As such, they proved a great hazard to the plan to infiltrate First Warren.

Lord Hewson arranged for wolves to be lured away to enable the insertion of Picket and Helmer into the city. Unfortunately, the wolves quickly returned and assaulted Hewson's forces, but were briefly held at bay with help from the Bowstrikers.

Ultimately, however, they succeeded in apparently killing all but two members of the Harbone force. The Resistance later marched in force to the Battle for First Warren; it is unknown whether they engaged the Wild Wolf Pack beforehand.

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