The Whitson Stone, also known as the Ruling Stone, was, along with the Green Ember, one of two jewels that symbolized the right to rule Natalia as King or Queen. In contrast to the Green Ember, however, the Whitson Stone indicated that the owner had the right to rule "now," whereas the Green Ember symbolized the right to rule in the near future.



The exact origins of the Ruling Stone are unknown, though it - along with the Green Ember and the Crown of Flames - seems to have become associated with the royalty of Rabbits before or during the time they lived on Golden Coast.

It eventually came into the possession of King Gerard, who passed it on to King Whitson Mariner after naming Whitson as his successor. It became very prominently associated with the mariner king, thus earning the moniker of "Whitson Stone." From there it was presumably passed down to Lander and then to his descendants until it was bestowed upon King Walter Good.

The Wreck and Rise of Whitson MarinerEdit

King Whitson Mariner wears the Ruling Stone during a party with his captains and lords.

Later, the Ruling Stone was placed aboard the Burnley as it sailed to a new home. After the Grimbles' betrayal, King Whitson Mariner laments the loss of the stone. When Whitson is reunited with Grimble and his followers in the midst of a battle, the king notices that Grimble is wearing the Ruling Stone. After Grimble is defeated, Whitson takes back the jewel.

Ember FallsEdit

The fate of the stone becomes somewhat ambiguous around the time of King Jupiter. Bleston claims to have taken the Whitson Stone with him when he and his malcontents left First Warren, seeing it as his birthright. However, his treacherous nature leaves this in question. Heather Longtreader speculated as to whether it might have been lost by King Jupiter during his reign. Prior to Bleston's revelation that he possessed it, she had believed it to be in safe hands.

While he feigned to support The Resistance under Smalden Joveson, Bleston claimed that he would grant Smalls the Whitson Stone. This was an act of deceit, however, as he sought to claim the throne for himself. His treachery was thwarted by the actions of Picket Longtreader, and he had the Whitson Stone on his person when he fell from Cloud Mountain and died. It was later recovered by his son Kyle, who took to wearing it and asserting his own claim to the throne.

Physical descriptionEdit

The Whitson Stone is a bright red diamond worn around the neck with a chain.

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