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[Heather] and Picket had, as they had predicted, been ordered to make the trip into West Wood and pick berries after breakfast.
— Chapter Five: Eastern Winds, The Green Ember

West Wood is a large area of woodlands in northern Natalia, located to the west of Nick Hollow and to the northwest of the Cloud Mountain and the Great Wood.

Unlike East Wood, it had not suffered visibly from the depredations of Morbin Blackhawk's forces prior to Redeye Garlackson's attack on the Longtreader family.


The Green Ember

West Wood is briefly mentioned as Heather looked into the darkness of East Wood and thought on how their father had not prohibited from entering West Wood, although he had explicitly forbidden them to enter East Wood.

Later on, Heather and Picket are sent by their mother and father to Gladeberry in West Wood, where they were to pick blackberries. As they traipsed along their way towards Gladeberry, they suddenly hear a scream from Mr. Elric's farm, and they start to run back towards their elm tree home, only to stop at the eaves of West Wood and gape at horror at their beloved home burning to the ground, with a group of wolves surrounding it.


Although West Wood was not described in as much detail as East Wood was, it is implied that it appeared as a normal forest, as it is mentioned that Heather and Picket were allowed to enter it, which was in contrast to their father's forbidding their entering its eastern counterpart.

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