Captain Walters was a buck who served as captain on Vanguard under King Whitson Mariner.


The Black Star of Kingston

Walters visits Whitson and his wife, Queen Lillie, in order to tell them of Lord Grimble's recent speeches against the king. Whitson thanks Walters for his report, and dismisses him.

The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner

Walters is present at King Whitson Mariner's party on board Steadfast.

Later, Vanguard suffers a devatating wreck at the hands of Captain Grimble. The survivors, including Walters, take shelter on an island. Brindle Cove asks Captain Walters for his opinion as to when Steadfast, which remained at Halfway Harbor an extra day, would come. Walters responds positively. Just then, a commotion sparks the two bucks' attention, and they are drawn to the edge of the forest, where a disguised Galt is hiding.

When Steadfast arrives, Walters helps bring it to port. Whitson decides to take Steadfast upriver to meet Grimble's ship, Desolation, and Walters accompanies him. In addition to help rally the crew, Walters also takes responsibility for ensuring that Queen Lillie, Lander, and Galt - all of whom had been in an entirely different part of the island - reach the ship safely.

As Steadfast nears battle with Desolation, Walters takes part in Whitson's plan and fights alongside his king and crew. He helps surround to Captain Grimble and force him to surrender. After the battle is over, Walters and Massie Burnson see to the prisoners taken.

Personality and traits

Captain Walters was hardy, loyal, and valiant. He took orders well, and was devoted to King Whitson Mariner, being willing to fight alongside him at any time. Prior to the Battle of Ayman Lake he seems to have been more awkward, hesitating over delivering unpleasant news to the king.


  • The name "Walters" is of English and Germanic origin and means "ruler of the army."[1]


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