King Walter Good was the king of the Thirty Warrens and the father of King Jupiter and Bleston.


Early life

Walter began the kingdom of the Thirty Warrens, but there were only twelve warrens when he became king. He passed over his eldest son, Bleston, to name his youngest son, Jupiter, as the heir by bestowing on him the Green Ember from the Crown of Flames. Bleston, in fury and unwilling to make peace, ultimately left First Warren with a group of followers. Walter was killed by raiding hawks, at which point the kingdom was passed on to Jupiter.

The Green Ember

Walter is mentioned by both Whittle Longtreader and Lord Rake as they recount The Rise and Fall of King Jupiter the Great to Heather and Picket.

Ember Falls

Walter is mentioned by Heather and Picket in conversation, and by Bleston himself after his return to Natalia proper. Heather later pleads with Bleston to honor the memory of both his father and Jupiter by supporting Smalls' cause. When Bleston reveals his pact with Morbin Blackhawk, Heather notes that he has once again defied the will of his father.

Ember Rising

Emma Joveson, Walter's granddaughter through Jupiter, recalls her forebearer's actions as she makes her way to a secret meeting with Kylen, Bleston's oldest son.

Personality and traits

In contrast to his wicked grandfather, King Walter Good was known to have been a ruler of benevolence and exceptional leadership.

Family tree

- The Royal Family of Natalia -
Unknown wife
Unknown wife
Whitson Mariner
Unknown wife
Lucianne Blackstar
Lord Blackstar II
Unnamed descendants
Walter Good
Unknown wife
Unknown wife
Unnamed son
Jupiter Goodson
Lady Glen
Unnamed children
Unknown wife
Smalden Joveson
Heather Longtreader
Maggie Joveson
Hanna Joveson
Unnamed children

Note: Broken lines indicate relation through affinity or adoption or distant relation; unbroken lines indicate relation by blood.



The oldest son, Bleston...was a brave warrior, and none could best him in battle. But he had his wicked grandfather's way, and King Good could not allow this to be his legacy.

Bleston was the oldest of Walter's three known sons, and believed himself the rightful heir to his father's throne. However, in character he resembled Walter's own cruel father more than Walter himself. Refusing to allow the kingdom he had rebuilt to fall into decay once again, Walter passed over him and his second son to make Jupiter the crown prince. In bitterness, Bleston made plans for rebellion even while Walter still lived, though he ultimately left First Warren rather than carrying them out.


Jupiter, his third son and heir, took all his father's vision into his heart. He was like his father, only-to King Good's delight-far more jolly and wise.
Whittle Longtreader, The Green Ember, p. 30

Jupiter was Walter's third son, and proved to be more like his father than his oldest brother Bleston. As such, Walter chose him to succeed him as king, and made this known by the Bestowal of the Green Ember upon his young son. Years later, after building his father's small kingdom into a Great Alliance of more than one hundred warrens, Jupiter would express great happiness in the fact that he had proved worthy of his father's choice.


  • The name "Walter" is of English and Germanic origin and means "ruler of the army."[1]
    • Additionally, the surname "Good" is of English origin and refers to a kindly person.[2]



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