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I cannot speak for all the army, Captain. I do not have such authority. But for the soldiers here, I give you my word as a warrior. We will not fight with you or yours for three days.
— Captain Vulm to Helmer, Ember Rising, p. 46

Captain Vulm was an officer of the Terralain army.


Ember Rising

Captain Vulm leads a force of soldiers brought to Jupiter's Crossing by Tameth Seer to apprehend Picket Longtreader. Vulm and his fellows believe that Picket has committed murder by killing their former king, Bleston, after he betrayed the Cause to Morbin Blackhawk.

Lord Captain Helmer attempts to reason with Tameth and then the soldiers, but when he calls Tameth's character into question Vulm responds sternly. After a brief confrontation, which the forces under Helmer win, Helmer offers him a truce in which the Terralains would be allowed to leave with their lives and weapons. Though Vulm can not make the decision for the full Terralain army, he agrees that he and his rabbits will not fight with those fleeing Cloud Mountain.

Ember's End

Vulm is mentioned by Tameth Seer and Naylen, with Tameth Seer blaming the captain's death on assassins sent by Emma Joveson. Helmer, fully aware that they had no part in Vulm's death, later expresses eagerness to meet with Vulm's killers to Terralain captain Granger. Naylen later determines that Vulm's killers were sent by Tameth Seer after the same assassins are sent to kill Kylen.

Physical appearance

Like most Terralain soldiers, Captain Vulm was described as being a large, muscular rabbit.

Personality and traits

Though he opposed the rule of King Jupiter's line, Vulm was not above civility with the family's allies. He was known to be an honorable warrior who believed in his cause and led his troops well.

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