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Heather squinted as Emma passed ahead of them into sunlight. She followed carefully over the threshold and into a vision of green, gold, and white. The persistent mist hung about the edges of a green hillside, lit with glittering sunlight. There was a surprisingly wide, mostly flat area, but this soon gave way to the ever-tilting hillside. Around the rim of the village green, the hillside slanted up into stony outcroppings, ending in the mountain peaks that showed about the ring of Cloud Mountain. It looked like a broken bowl, with the green being the bowl’s inside bottom. Heather saw row upon row of vegetables of every kind — cabbage and corn, potatoes and turnips. Her mouth watered, and she felt a little lightheaded.
— Heather sees Village Green for the first time, The Green Ember

The Village Green is an area at the peak of Cloud Mountain, near to where the village where most of the mountain's civilian inhabitants resided. It is also close to the community garden of Cloud Mountain, and the tree where Helmer spent his free time is located here.