Victory Day was a holiday for all those who were in league with Morbin Blackhawk. It commemorated the day that Morbin slew King Jupiter at Jupiter's Crossing and the beginning of his reign of terror over all of Natalia.


Ember Rising

In the slave city of Akolan and the First Warren, which was ruled by Whitbie Joveson under the leadership of Morbin Blackhawk, Victory Day was to be celebrated by the gathering of younglings for the Lords of Prey to steal away.

However, in Akolan, the rabbits of the Lepers' District disrupted the Victory Day gathering by coming in and taking the younglings away to the Seventh District. The "lepers" were revealed to not have been lepers at all, but brave rabbits of the Resistance who had pretended to be sick with the contaminating disease so as to keep Morbin's minions from coming anywhere near the entrance to the Seventh District, which was the heart of the Resistance in Akolan.

In the First Warren, as Whitbie Joveson announced the beginning of Victory Day festivities at the Square of the city, Captain Moonlight and his bucks set off a bomb deep underneath the forest to the south of the Square, so as to create a distraction for Lord Falcowit and his Lords of Prey to investigate. As they did, the First Warren was suddenly attacked by rabbits of the Resistance, who rescued the First Warren younglings from death, fighting all those who opposed them.

It was not long before victory was proclaimed over Morbin's forces and the city was liberated. Among those of Morbin's minions who fell was Lord Falcowit himself and Captain Daggler. Not one Bird of Prey was left alive to carry the news to the High Bleaks. The First Warren had been retaken for the Heir of Jupiter and the Resistance.

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