Lord Victor Blackstar is the Citadel lord of Blackstar Citadel. He is the father of Coleden and Heyna.


The Green EmberEdit

Citadel CongressEdit

He attended the Citadel Congress and defended Heather and Picket from Captain Frye in the Savory Den prior to the congress.

Attack on Cloud MountainEdit

Lord Victor is among the rabbits who fight to protect Cloud Mountain.

Jupiter's CrossingEdit

Lord Victor is among the rabbits who arrive to save Smalls and Picket from the remaining wolves.

Ember FallsEdit

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Physical appearanceEdit

Lord Victor is a tall, grey rabbit with a black face. His chest has the Blackstar Citadel emblem and he wears a gold chain with a bright medallion similar to Lord Rake's. On his shoulder is a black star patch.