The Vanguard was a ship built by King Whitson Mariner some time after the founding of Seddleton. It was the first ship of the Ayman Lake fleet, and the only one to survive the battle of Ayman Lake.


The Black Star of Kingston

After transporting the Blackstar Company across the lake to the future site of Kingston to mine for much-needed coal for the winter, it later returned with an injured Fleck Blackstar aboard, who had been wounded by one of his men by accident.

After Blackstar was healed from his injury, the Vanguard returned to Kingston, accompanied by the Lillie and the Natalia, which were now under the command of Captain Grimble.

The Battle of Ayman Lake

When the Lords of Prey began their approach, the Vanguard set sail without taking on sufficient crew to balance the numbers between the three ships. It was later attacked on the lake and damaged, but was able to be repaired.

The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner

Whitson took it as his flagship once again upon departing Ayman Lake in search of a new home for his rabbits. It traveled in the company two other vessels, Steadfast and Burnley, the latter of which, led by the Grimbles, purposely wrecked its companions.

After the Grimbles are defeated, Mother Saramack takes Whitson, Queen Lillie, and Lander to the wreckage of Vanguard to show them that the Stone Sword of Flint has been found among the debris.


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