Vandalia Citadel was one of the secret citadels established by the Heralds of the Mended Wood. It was known for its inhabitants who had suffered a great deal through their efforts to resist Morbin Blackhawk's evil regime.



The exact design of Vandalia's crest is unknown, but it is mentioned that it includes the colors blue and gold.


Vandalia Citadel was ruled over for an unknown period of time by Lord Booker, before leadership passed to his son Lord Morgan.

The Last ArcherEdit

Vandalia Citadel is mentioned briefly.

Ember RisingEdit

Emma, newly named the heir to the throne of the Thirty Warrens, traveled with her company to Vandalia Citadel to seek refuge. While there, she met Lord Booker - who died shortly after her arrival - and his son, Lord Morgan. After some time, Emma left Vandalia to make for First Warren in order that she might confront her elder brother, Winslow.

Known lordsEdit


  • The map shown at the beginning of Ember Rising mistakenly spells "Vandalia" as "Wandalia".

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