So the topic of a possible Green Ember film series is something I've brought up before, and there's probably lots more that could be discussed on the subject. However, of late I've been thinking over the idea of trailers for such films, and in particular how such trailers might be accompanied by music. These would presumably be the teasers, as I imagine full trailers would follow the usual Hollywood pattern and feature character dialogue from the film. However, I have a couple of ideas with regards to such teasers that I wanted to put out there.

I figure that The Green Ember or Ember Falls-currently favoring the former-would be set to The Mended Wood, with scenes reflecting the lyrics. I imagine flocks of birds flying through the air, savage attacking wolves, and scenes of rabbits fleeing or suffering. Then, on the final verse, we see heroic shots of rabbits in action, charging into battle or standing ready for the fight. Then, on the final lines, we see a shot of Smalls, probably in silhouette so that it's given away to audiences who haven't read the books.

The only issue is that The Mended Wood is really the only song featured in the first two books, so whichever one gets it for their trailer is going to be left out. They'd either have to use it for both, create a new song for one of them, or steal a song from the third book or something. Speaking of Ember Rising, I figure that the finale song-which so far as I know doesn't have a title-would be good accompaniment. Just imagine epic symphonic strains playing along with "My place beside you, my blood for yours..."

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