In one of S. D.'s recent emails, entitled "The Green Ember is Five Years Old", he related to us that "[s]ometime last year, we passed half a million copies sold in the series, and then went on to have our best period of sales ever." 500,000+ copies sold! Can you all believe it!? Kudos to S. D. and the team at Story Warren!

Anyway, based on that information, I decided to attempt to estimate how much the series has generated in gross revenue. (I'm sort of obsessed with big numbers XD.) In order to do this, I had to assume a few things:

  • That the total amount of Goodreads ratings for any one book of the series is directly proportional to the amount of copies that book sold.
  • That the current prices on Amazon have remained the same over that total five-year period. (I know they haven't, but to involve all the different prices at different times would be ridiculously complicated. Plus, I don't have access to all that information.)
  • That S. D.'s statement had nothing to do with Kindle versions of the books.
  • That no additional copies have sold since the series hit the 500K mark. (I know they've DEFINITELY sold more copies since then; but since I had no idea how many, I decided to leave that out of my estimations.)
  • That all copies that sold were paperbacks, rather than hardcovers. (Which I assumed for the sake of simplicity.)

Depending on whether S. D.'s statement doesn't include the Kindle versions, I think you can say that these are conservative estimates. Okay; following are the estimates I've made:

  1. The Green Ember has sold 229,800 copies ($2,939,133)
  2. Ember Falls has sold 94,426 ($1,411,665)
  3. The Black Star of Kingston has sold 67,413 ($670,764)
  4. Ember Rising has sold 58,903 ($794,613)
  5. The Last Archer has sold 30,837 ($306,835)
  6. The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner has sold 13,935 ($138,658)
  7. The First Folwer has sold 4,684 ($41,970)

GRAND TOTAL = $6,303,638

So, what do you think? Did I miss anything? :)

16:42, January 21, 2020 (UTC)

P.S. Please note that these are gross estimates, and do not account for publishing costs, marketing costs, Amazon commissions, etc.

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