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Kilmarnock228 is a fan of The Green Ember series, which he discovered through their audiobook forms. He is active on a handful of wikis, including the Mistmantle Chronicles Wiki, which is a book series he recommends to any fans of The Green Ember.

Green Ember Favorites

  • Favorite Character: Helmer-I've always had a bit of a soft spot for gruff curmudgeons, and I love his relationship with Picket. His family brings a fun element to the story as well.
  • Favorite Villain: Vardon...if only because we know pretty much nothing about him, and that intrigues me.
  • Favorite Pairing: Picket and Louise
  • Favorite Book: Ember Rising (so far)

My Predictions

  • Heather will be able to use Jone Wissel's tonic to heal herself and Smalls in the Tomb of Lander's Dragons. Smalls will then be able to use the Green Ember to unlock the vault containing the Stone Sword of Flint; I also wouldn't be surprised if the Stone Book of Fay turns out to be in there.
  • The Dragon Seeds will hatch, unleashing a new generation of Dragons as an additional threat upon Natalia-like the Rabbits really need another enemy to deal with. Either that, or the Dragons will end up proving unlikely allies, either because Heather and Smalls will end up rubbing off on them or because they'll end up going after the Resistance's enemies, such as the Terralains.
  • The Seventh District will make their escape from Akolan and travel to First Warren, perhaps arriving just in time to help save the city from either Morbin's army or the Terralains.
  • Lords Victor and Ronan may die in a future book, given what's been happening to the Citadel lords since Ember Falls.
  • Picket will become Lord Captain after Helmer retires, and he and Louise will marry and live in First Warren.
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