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Massie Burnson, The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner, p. 32

Captain Granger, they spied on me!
— Tunk to Granger, Ember's End, pg. 63

Tunk is a buck of the Terralain army.


Ember's End

Dooker: I know why you want to get back for the festival, Tunk. Just you focus on the battle coming. We knock these betraying bucks on the head; then we head home to the revels.

Tunk: I'm focused, Dooker.

Dooker and Tunk, Ember's End, pg. 15

Jo Shanks, Coleden Blackstar, and Heyna Blackstar spy on a Terralain camp. They watch two Terralain soldiers, Tunk being one of them, talking about an upcoming festival. Eventually, the other soldier moves away, and Tunk is left to his own devices. Not knowing he is being watched, he starts to dance with surprising agility and sing "Come, Ye Fine Does", which so amazes Jo that he loses focus and has to be pulled away by Heyna.

Some time later, Emma, Helmer, Jo Shanks, and Picket Longtreader are captured by Terralain soldiers, Tunk among them. As the Terralains take them back to camp, Jo decides to poke fun at Tunk by softly singing a silly version of "Come, Ye Fine Does". This shocks Tunk, who immediately tells Granger that Jo had been spying on him, to which Granger asks what he was doing that required spying. Not wanting to admit he'd been singing and dancing on duty, Tunk falters, and an irritated Granger orders him to just keep guarding the prisoners. Tunk salutes and keeps walking alongside Jo, still puzzled. Jo leans over and compliments him on his dancing that night and expresses hope that Tunk will get the chance to attend the festival, which startles Tunk even more.

Physical appearance

Tunk is described as being hulking and "truly massive," even by Terralain standards. He has grey fur with a white ring around one eye, as well as a white muzzle and cheek fur. Being part of the Terralain army, he wears the uniform of a Terralain soldier and a helmet.

Personality and traits

Just guard them, you great brainless heap.
Granger, Ember's End, pg 64

Tunk is seen as somewhat stupid by both his peers and betters. He is not entirely clueless, however, as he immediately suspects Jo Shanks of spying on him, which Jo did, when Jo starts singing the song Tunk had been singing one night. Despite his being good at following orders, it is clear that Tunk favors pleasure over duties, as seen when he is reprimanded by his mate Dooker for paying more attention to the upcoming festival back in Terralain than the oncoming war.

Skills and abilities

Come, ye fine...
— Tunk starts to sing "Come, Ye Fine Does, Ember's End, pg. 16

Tunk is proficient at singing and dancing, especially the latter, as Jo Shanks notes that he leaps and slides with startling energy and agility for his great size.


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