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Massie Burnson, The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner, p. 32

The Trekkers is a name applied to two groups of Rabbits, and comes from their journeying away from one homeland to another. Originally, it applied to those rabbits who departed the Blue Moss Hills after the appearance of Firstfoe. It was later applied more specifically to a particular branch of their descendants, whom King Whitson Mariner led from Golden Coast to the land of Natalia.


Ancient days

Following the initial clash between Flint Firstking and Firstfoe, many if not all rabbits of the Blue Moss Hills departed from their home. In so doing, they left behind the miraculous Firstflower with its varied properties, losing the extended life that came with consuming it. These first Trekkers eventually came to Golden Coast, where the rabbit monarchy begun by Flint and Fay continued to the time of Gerrard. However, after Golden Coast was invaded by a fearsome enemy, Gerrard named Whitson as his successor, and remained behind with many old bucks as a rearguard while Whitson led the surviving rabbits to safety.

The Black Star of Kingston

The Trekkers travel across the sea from Golden Coast to Natalia, during which time they experience at least one battle. Upon reaching Natalia, they walk far inland before reaching Ayman Lake, where they establish their first settlement; in memory of Seddle, they named the location Seddleton. Sadly, due to limited resources, strife breaks out as Lord Grimble speaks out in opposition of King Whitson. In hopes of alleviating this, Whitson approves a proposal by Fleck Blackstar to investigate the potential of establishing a coal mine on the far side of the lake from Seddleton.

Unfortunately, the Trekkers' excursions come to the attention of the birds of prey in the nearby High Bleaks, and they launch an attack against Whitson's newly built fleet and Seddleton itself. They take many captives from both the ships and the town, but ultimately withdraw after Captain Blackstar sets off a blastpowder explosion aboard Lillie. In the wake of this battle, Whitson divides the remaining free Trekkers into two groups. One remains behind to establish the community of Kingston, while the rest depart by water in search of a permanent new home.

The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner

After wintering at Halfway Harbor, Whitson's group of Trekkers is divided again, this time by the treachery of Lord Grimble and his son Captain Grimble. Having entered into an alliance with the native dragons, they bargain with them to allow Whitson and those loyal to him to be enslaved. As part of this, the flagship Vanguard is led to wreck itself, and confederates of the Grimbles abduct Queen Lillie from the ship before it begins sinking. However, Lillie is subsequently rescue by Massie Burnson, her son Lander, and Galt, a repentant deserter from the Battle of Ayman Lake.

After brief clashes with the dragons, the divided Trekkers clash in the Battle of Steadfast, in which the titular ship briefly evades the Grimbles' Desolation before ramming it. A ruse involving empty blastpowder barrels drives many of Grimbles' bucks off the ships, and they are subdued by a number of does armed with bows on the shores of a nearby island. The crew of Steadfast defeat the remaining forces, while an embassy led by Lord Grimble is slaughtered by the island's remaining dragons for failing to deliver on their promises. A single survivor is sent back to Whitson's rabbits, informing them that the dragon king will be apprised of these events.

Prince Lander and the Dragon War

At the apparent conclusion of the Dragon War, in which the Trekkers achieve victory, Prince Lander orders that the eggs of the dragons be sealed in a tomb. He also makes plans to conceal the truth of the dragons' existence so that they will be dismissed as myth by the Trekkers' successors. Lander also determines that the land around the tomb will become the rabbits' capital city: First Warren.

The Green Ember

The Trekkers are remembered long after their time has passed by their descendants, with Whittle Longtreader telling their tales to his children Heather and Picket. Wilfred Longtreader was also familiar with the accounts, and questioned Picket about Rangel, a Golden Coast rabbit who had previously ridiculed Whitson.

Ember Rising

Heather learns that descendants of those Trekkers carried away to the High Bleaks formed a resistance movement, now known as the Seventh District, in the slave city of Akolan. These rabbits, led by the Tunneler, seek to emulate Whitson Mariner's Trekkers by escaping in great ships using underground channels connected to the River Flint. Picket also discusses the Trekkers with Hame Smith and Lord Hewson, including the uncertain fate of the Stone Sword of Flint carried by the Trekkers. By this time, certain historic details have become confused if not deliberately concealed, with some rabbits believing that the Grimbles actually established a renegade warren.

Ember's End

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