Tommy Decker was a kingsbuck who took up residence near Cloud Mountain following the fall of King Jupiter.


The Green Ember

Decker established a dock and a small home on the banks of the Whitmer River which came to be known as Decker's Landing. This position allowed him to watch out for approaching threats, which he would report to forces on Cloud Mountain.

About the time of Redeye Garlackson's attack on Nick Hollow, some of his wolves attacked Decker's Landing. While he was able to alert his allies on Cloud Mountain of the incursion, Decker himself was caught and killed by the wolves. His loss was greatly mourned, particularly as the wolves established a garrison on the site of his burned home.


  • The name "Tommy" is traditionally a shortened version of the Aramaic name later anglicized as "Thomas," which means "twin."[1]
    • Additionally, the surname "Decker" is of American origin.[2] It likely refers to Tommy's occupation as a dock keeper.


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