• Hi there,

    So as I mentioned in a response to one of your discussion posts, here's the story sketch I've come up with for Bear the Flame. I f anyone else is reading this, you might not want to spoil the story (if there's really anything good to spoil.). So if you plan on playing Bear the Flame and you're not J.S., then you'd better not read this.

    Ok, so now the story. It takes place after the events of Ember's End, in the Mended Wood. Everything is perfect - well, until you find out that there's been a death (Heyward never found a way to ressurect people.). Yes, there are multiple story paths, so if you choose to be a farmer or something you'll only hear hints of what the heroes are up to, but I digress. 

    Anyways, in the hero path you deal with what the Pilgrim (still figuring out who he'll be) and his band have found on the outskirts of Natalia and Terralain. Yep, the world is much, much bigger than the rabbits ever imagined. Even bigger than Morbin or the wolves ever knew.

    So there will be a bunch of different new animal types to deal with. So far I have:

    -Racoons: Very nasty creatures that have their eyes on Natalia.

    -Moles: They rule an underground empire under Natalia. They're inventors, even smarter than Heyward. Unfortunately, they belive their machines are the answer to everything and even worship them.

    -Bears: Live in the most unexplored regions of the world. Not sure if I'll ever use them much.

    -Foxes: There will just be one. He's a troublemaker but will side with the rabbits eventually.

    Wolves will be back as well, in the final moments of the game. There will also be something called Curse, and I'll explain that later when I have more ideas on it.

    Well, there's the basic story of Bear the Flame. It's all subject to change, so feedback and ideas are extremely appreciated. Thank you!

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    • Hey, that sounds pretty cool! I'll have to think of a way to integrate those ideas into a coherent plot. Then, perhaps, we can compare notes! Will the Pilgrim be in this game?

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    • Thank you! That would be great.

      The Pilgrim will most definitely be in this game. He'll be the one to warn of the dangerous outside world, since he will discover about it in one of his adventures. I'd like to give him an identity, just not sure who.

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    • Well, everything has been sort of quiet for a while, so I'd like to share a few ideas I've had with Bear the Flame.

      First off, development has been really, really slow. I would like to release the earliest version of the game by Christmas, but we may not even get it done by then. The actual game itself hasn't got very far story wise yet, and it's taken only an hour or two to write. Most of the ideas I have are only in my head still.

      Anyways, I've been working on research of TGE, and I've found a few things that I'd like to use in the game as well as a bunch of new ideas I've come up with myself. 

      Here they are:

      - The Starsword. This needs to be fixed. If you recall, in Whitson Mariner they mention that the Starsword will not be able to be mended if the wars are over. Well, if there will be conflicts in Bear the Flame, as there will be, then the sword must be fixed. Smalls is going to have a heart attack, lol. 

      Then there's returning characters. There will be a bunch, but I'd like time for new characters as well, so characters like Picket may not make big appearances. 

      Characters I've integrated into the story plans so far:

      - Picket: Semi-minor character. Without his sword arm, he can't really fight. Heyward fixes him a fake arm, but it's always breaking apart. Picket doesn't take to the return of villains very well. In fact, he's a bit rash in dealing with them. 

      - Smalls, Heather: Not really major either. If it comes down to defending Natalia, Smalls will fight beside you. Not sure what I'll do with Heather yet.

      - Harmony: Major character in the farming path. She's what they'd call the mariage candidate. Good with kids and is a veteran of sorts, just like your character.

      - Dr. Zeiger: Presumed dead. Is in reality studying a rare new substance called Curse. If you make a wrong move, he may die during the story. Curse is dangerous.

      - Jo Shanks: Semi-major. Helps you in your quest if you choose the hero path. 

      - Garten Longtreader: Ssshhh! It's a secret! 

      And for new characters:

      - You: I'm not sure exactly what you'll be called (Dawson is the test version name) but you'll be a buck who survived the seige of Cloud Mountain. The rest of your story is up to you.

      - The Corrupted: Beings afflicted with Curse. They're nasty. 

      Well, that's a bit of what I've got right now. Hope it sounds good. 

      Until next time, keep bearing the flame!

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    • Thanks so much for sharing those ideas, Cyberman! It sounds quite intriguing, and now with that background information, I can now aid with the formation of a coherent plot(s). Am I to only be responsible for Dawson's plot, then? I think you mentioned elsewhere that with different choices comes a different plot. Will all the different plots have to be figured out? Also, will there be multiple main characters? If so, I suppose their stories will have to be figured out as well.

      Will message you after I come up with any more ideas regarding Dawson or the game as a whole. ;)

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    • Thank you! The help is very needed.

      You could come up with story ideas, storylines, etc., for any character you'd like. If you would like to create new characters that would be cool too.

      I'm not planning to have multiple main characters. Perhaps in a future version we could have it so you could choose between a few characters, but definitely not this version. Multiple characters makes development very messy. 

      Yes, we will have to figure out a bunch of different plots. Let me explain how this will work. The player will choose at first between simple choices, like whether to move out of your home town or to stay. That will make other choices in each path. For example, say you choose to move out. Then you will be faced with where to go, and that will change the story. Going to Newcity may involve political work or an adventure with the Pilgrim, but going to Nick Hollow may set you up for a quiet, farming life. Or maybe you could get a job at a store, or as Gort's assistant... The possiblities are basically endless for what we could do with the story. But the overarching story will still be the same, for example, if you're a farmer you may hear from another character about the adventures of the heroes. 

      If the name Dawson sounds good to you it's good with me. I named him after Scrooge McDuck's favorite town in the Klondike. :P

      I may start a wiki for my projects, but I'm not sure if I should...

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    • Thanks for the further info! Will try to develop multiple plots, although IDK how well that will go. XD We'll see!

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    • All right; I think I've figured out a backstory and character arc for Dawson. Please let me know if this will work! I've never done anything for a video game before, so I definitely could be doing something wrong; especially as I'm used to plotting for a novel. :)

      "Dawson is a young buck from the the Great Wood; he had survived the War for All Natalia as a member of a top-secret elite division of the army, and when the Mending came along, he'd settled down. However, in the middle of the night, First Warren is attacked and he can do nothing about it. He's compelled to tell a high-ranking enemy officer (a certain evil individual) vital information to save his family, but a certain evil individual kills his family anyway. (He would be betrothed around this time, btw—possibly to Harmony?)

      As the enemy takes over Natalia, he sets on a mission of revenge, looking out only for himself (as he's learned that having loved ones is certain to lead to hurt), but eventually creating a rebel band to take down the enemy by striking them at their heart (an assassination, perhaps, or a sudden, carefully-planned attack in their central stronghold to bring an end to them once and for all). He's led to believe that his betrothed is dead, but later on, he finds this isn't the case (somehow). He's filled with hope that maybe, just maybe he could love again. But then the enemy strikes again, and he's left with the choice to either save himself or his betrothed. He chooses himself, and abandons her to death.

      Unfortunately, his saving himself doesn't go very well. He ends up getting captured by the enemy, but isn't killed, thankfully, because his betrothed rescues him just in time (perhaps with the help of others?). Remorseful, he asks for her forgiveness, which she willingly gives him, which changes how he views life.

      He and his rebel band go ahead with their plan, and they finally instigate their attack on the central stronghold of the enemy. Dawson heads straight to the certain evil individual and finally has him at his mercy. Faced with death, the certain evil individual begs for forgiveness; Dawson almost kills him, but he remembers that moment when forgiveness was offered to him when he didn't deserve it. So he forgives the guy.

      His band's mission proves successful, and the enemy that resists is vanquished and the rest are given pardon.

      And they live happily ever after."

      I realize this is a pretty vague storyline—I think we'll figure it out in detail as we go along. Please feel free to tweak anything you'd like! I realize this might be an overly-dramatic storyline for a video game; please tell me if that will be an issue! I also assumed Dawson would be the protagonist. If I'm wrong please let me know. So just feel free to mention any questions, thoughts, additions, or ideas you may have. :)

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    • Thank you, this is great! Don't worry, I actually like dramatic video games, and I think there needs to be more of them. 

      First of all, as there will be multiple story paths I think we can use these ideas for the main or hero path. You actually were thinking along the same lines as me with Dawson being elite, I personally had him in the Forest Guard since that regiment is "the best of the best" (was it Emma who said that?) I dunno.

      In my opinion we should try to keep the opening sequences a little bit less... I don't know, eventful, perhaps. I don't remember if I already shared this (forgive me if I have) but the main villians, at least at this point, are racoons, who were once scavengers in a very distant land but have been united under Garten Longtreader, who is really one of the Corrupted. Yeah, it sounds wierd, but I'll try to fully explain later.

      If there is to be a big invasion part I'd like it to be near the end. I'd like to aim for a large game, not sure if that'll ever work lol. Oh, and the capitol has been moved to Newcity as of Ember's End, but you probably remember that. So maybe since there's already been a large-scale battle in First Warren we should have one in Newcity?

      I'm pretty sure I'd like Dawson's family... Long gone. He's hurt by the way they died in the reign of Morbin. 

      For the whole bethrothal thing, I'm not sure rabbits are bethrothed, that's a mideval thing, right? I'd perfer the player to choose what their feelings are towards certain characters, but subtly. For example, you can't just run up to some random doe and ask her to marry you. It would be like in the actual Ember books, where relationships build over time. For the hero path I'd use someone new or perhaps Heynah, and for a more relaxing path I'd use Harmony.

      Personally, as well as introducing 

      I've had an idea for a level (or whatever you want to call it) where the rabbits go back to Akolan.

      Anyways, great ideas so far!

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