• Hey Peony, 

    Just wanted to sort of say I'm sorry I haven't visited Celta in a while. I've just been occupied with other things lately, resulting in late nights and some anxiety (hence my recent absence from the wiki). Anyway, I know you told me to take my time about it, but I can't help but feel as if I must account for my time. Sorry. XD

    Hope you've been doing well. It snowed for the first time this year today. Lovely weather. ;)

    J.S. Clingman Fëalórin, A Child of Him whose love never fails.
    04:56, November 12, 2019 (UTC)
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    • Oh,  I meant to say that I'm planning to read Celta tomorrow. Why do I forget the simplest things? XD

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    • Hey, J.S.! No problem. Actually, I'm kind of stuck in a difficult place regarding my writing at the moment, so it may be a while before any other chapters are posted. So don't worry about it! ;)

      Sorry to hear about stress. Praying things get better for you!

      I've been doing pretty well, thanks! Looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas. :D Oooh, did it really? Lucky! It hardly ever snows here. xD But it is cold, so I'm thankful for that!

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    • Ugh...I already hate this draft so much. I can hardly stand to read it. xD *cringe*

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    • Okay, thanks! Hope your writing is going better now, and that that will be soon (and that you're not getting too stressed over it yourself)! ;)

      Thanks so much for your prayers! I had a wonderful day today; I think I've been consumed with fear and worry about my future, of all things. Today, I sort of subconsciously realized that I don't have to worry (I shouldn't in fact). All I can do, and should do, is live out life to the fullest each day of my life, striving to "let each morrow find me farther than today." (An H. W. Longfellow paraphrase.)

      Yeah, we received maybe an inch of snow. Sorry to hear that you don't receive any snow over in Houston. My Mom and Dad wanted to move us all to Nacogdoches once, but I was strongly opposed to the idea because I didn't think we'd get any snow! ;)

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    • Thanks. I think I'm starting to drag myself out of that rut, but... Still not loving where I am right now. xD

      Certainly; that's an excellent thought to keep in mind. :)

      Well, we do, just not very often. xD But that's why we moved, I guess: we used to live in Washington but got sick of the rain and constant cold. Heh. xD 

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