• Hey! What would you think about changing the wiki colors and design back to the original, come sometime in February? :)

    Peony Bear the flame!Featured 20:06, January 30, 2019 (UTC)

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    • Yes, that's a great idea! How about late February, when it's warmer? It's still pretty cold up here, and it snowed here just a few days ago, so it still feels like winter! I'm thinking that I'll have to make a new snowflake cursor for next year... I'm actually not so sure I like this one. XD

      Thanks for putting up the featured media for me! I was gone all day Friday for weekly orchestra practice, or I would have put them up then.

      I love your new avatar, by the way! It's the new Simba, I see. He looks so cute!

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    • Sounds good! Oh, you’re so lucky to have snow. Here it’s just been gray and depressing. :(

      No problem! I hope your practice went well. :)

      Thank you! It had to be Simba. xD

      Are you going to watch the Super Bowl?

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    • Lol, it's all gone now! It seems that as soon as it comes it melts away! I'm sorry that you're not having snow up there. I recall that once my parents wanted to move to Texas, and I totally voted against the idea because I feared we would not see any snow at all living that far south! ;)

      Thank you! The practice went well... we have been assigned three new pieces and are expected to intimate ourselves with each one of them within a week and a half from today. So that, along with other things have kept me thoroughly occupied!

      No, my family and I are really, really not into sports and that sort of stuff. Myself especially, mostly because I found it difficult to learn the rules of the game, so I've never been interested.

      Sorry for not replying sooner!

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    • Aw, no! :( Heh, I gotcha. Although we do occasionally get snow. It's very light, though, and goes away fast. If you moved to northern Texas, you'd get more! xD

      Great! Glad to hear it! It's nice to have something like that to keep one busy.

      Ah, okay. Gotcha. Well, you didn't miss anything. It was utterly boring. xD

      BTW, have you ever heard of the Young Writer's Workshop? It's an online program/resource designed to foster and encourage young writers. A few of my online friends are already registered; I don't know of registration is still open, but if it is, you might consider checking it out, since you like to write as well. I'm very new myself, but I can already tell that it's going to be amazingly helpful. :)

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    • Not my wall, but I'm also in favor of returning to the old theme. Be careful what you wish for Pinkpeony; I'd thought we were done with snow for this winter where I live, and then we got a foot of it over the course of two days or so. Had schools closing down for snow for the first time in twenty years.

      By the way, have either of you picked up a copy of/heard anything about the new story from The Green Ember Live?

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    • Heh, I guess that's true. There are pros and cons to both snow and heat, I suppose. ;)

      Not yet. Hoping to find out more at the event on Saturday, though!

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    • I have never heard of the Young Writer's Workshop, Peony. It does sound like it would be a good thing for me to do, once I get to writing regularly! Thanks for mentioning it! Are you required to fulfill a writing quota?

      A foot of snow, Kilmarnock? You certainly beat us here in Missouri. I think the most we could boast is about a half foot over the course of the entire winter!

      What is this "story" you two are talking about, though? I feel like I missed something. XD

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    • Yeah, it was pretty crazy. I can believe that; I spent a couple years down in Mississippi and Louisiana a while back, and between the two winters I doubt I saw as much as an inch of snow.

      The details on the story are over on The Green Ember LIVE page, under the "Description" section.

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    • Ah, I see now. Mr. Smith did mention that in his latest video now that I think about it. Thanks, Kilmarnock!

      Peony, be sure to tell us of how the event goes today! I'm excited for you! :)

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    • Not that I'm aware of. It's mostly just support for your writing, like peer review, mentorship, and general guidance. ;)

      Oh my goodness, it was so awesome. I'm gonna make a blog post about the details later!

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    • Ah, I see. Then that sounds lovely, a lot like Wattpad, although probably smaller and less biased toward the LGBT. XD

      Wonderful! I'm looking forward to it! ;)

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