The Thirty Warrens is the kingdom of rabbits in Natalia. It was named this by King Walter because of his successful expansion, though when he came to the throne it only composed of twelve warrens. Eventually it grew large enough that it was alternatively referred to as the Hundred Warrens.



King Walter's son, King Jupiter Goodson, expanded the kingdom to include nearly a hundred warrens that comprised nearly the entire Great Wood. In Jupiter's early days, he expanded the Thirty Warrens through inter-warren warfare but later he devoted all his energy to diplomacy and continued the expansion by peaceful means.


Eventually the Thirty Warrens was attacked by a combined army of Birds of Prey and wolves with help from the traitorous ambassador Garten Longtreader. King Jupiter was killed at Jupiter's Crossing and the Thirty Warrens was overrun by enemies. The First Warren appointed a puppet leader who compromised with Morbin Blackhawk to allow him some control so that they in the First Warren may remain free. To this plan Morbin Blackhawk consented, and the leaders of the First Warren became literal puppet governors for Morbin, allowing him and his Lords of Prey to terrorize the rabbits of the First Warren and the Great Wood while sparing their miserable kingdom.

The free rabbits who remained fled to the Secret Citadels to continue the work of Jupiter's Cause there.

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