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You are right here in your story. Don't skip ahead.
Massie Burnson, The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner, p. 32

...when I read these words, my heart is on fire.
— The Teller to Helmer, Ember Rising, p. 215

The Teller is a male rabbit and member of the Cause in First Warren.


Ember Rising

Little is known of the Teller's history, not even his real name, except that he was living in First Warren at least prior to the Attack on Cloud Mountain.

Some time after the attack, he met the Herald, and from him received a copy of Heather Longtreader's story. The Teller carried on the work of the Herald, spreading word of Picket Longtreader's heroic exploits. The myth of Picket Packslayer evolved from these accounts, despite the Teller's efforts to tell the tale as it was set down.

The Teller later met the subject of his tales after Picket and Helmer infiltrated First Warren, all three meeting up in a cave with several other rabbits. Wearing a hooded cloak, the Teller's identity was at first concealed, but he showed amusement at Helmer's comments against Winslow Joveson's rule. He subsequently revealed himself to the two captains, and was then informed of their names and brought up to speed with happenings outside the city.

The three subsequently parted ways, the Teller having a renewed sense of purpose; whether he took any part in the Battle for First Warren is unknown.

Physical appearance

The Teller is a shaggy, aged gray rabbit, with a physique suggesting he is at least somewhat capable in combat.

Personality and traits

Unlike those rabbits he was first seen in company with, the Teller is a bold opponent of Morbin Blackhawk and those who serve him, refusing to wear a preymark. He expressed amusement at Helmer's defiance of Winslow, and at his disparaging comments regarding the Teller's comments. Though he recognizes the song Picket Packslayer as being embellished, he defends it as a source of hope and inspiration for the beaten rabbits of First Warren.

He seems to be solitary in his opposition to the Lords of Prey, as there is no indication that he was in any way affiliated with the Citadel of Dreams.

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