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Massie Burnson, The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner, p. 32

The Six are the warlords of the Lords of Prey, with members of the organization having ruled over their kind for long ages.


Ember Falls/The First Fowler

Helmer mentions the Six when correcting Jo Shanks' misidentification of Solus. The members of the Six meet in council with General Flox, Garten Longtreader, and others prior to the Battle of Rockback Valley.

Ember Rising

Helmer and Picket are informed by the council of Harbone Citadel that the Seven Standing Stones of First Warren have been defiled with statues of the Six. After infiltrating the city, Helmer informs Picket that the tradition of the Six extends far back in time. He notes that Morbin has ruled over the Six for a considerable time, as their tradition dictates. According to Helmer, the Six renew their allegiance to Morbin with an annual feast.

Later, on Victory Day, the pair and Whitbie Joveson bear witness to some of the power of the Six, as they hear Falcowit silence the citizens of First Warren with a cry. Whit notes that the Six are renowned for their terrifying cries, said to be capable of enforcing obedience from other Preylords. Upon Rabbits, the cry of the Six is debilitating, said by some to be nearly fatal. After fighting to hold the city, Falcowit is killed using a Bowstriker as he attempts to leave for the High Bleaks.

Ember's End

Morbin, last of the Six.

The Six mass their forces in Grey Grove in preparation for the Siege of First Warren, with Falcowitson being anointed a member in the stead of his dead father. Whit shares information given to him by Winslow, who indicates that members of the Six are added in rituals led by a priestess. In this dark cult, the Six are looked upon as divine figures. According to Winslow, the death of one of the Six leads to great upheaval in his dominion in the High Bleaks.

Though Winslow notes that the kindred of the fallen Preylord are sometimes slaughtered after his fall, it is possible for a strong heir-such as Falcowitson-to be chosen to avenge their parent. Falcowitson is placed in command of the first wave of Preylord attackers, but is killed in an effort to scatter the assault. The second wave is led by two members of the Six, an eagle and a hawk. After some fighting, the two are killed by Jo Shanks using an arrow provided by the Pilgrim.

Despite some fears, Morbin does not join the third wave, which is led by another pair of Preylords. These two are killed, along with numerous other Preylords and a multitude of wolves, when Helmer sets off an explosion that destroys First Warren's dam. Morbin then leads the final assault on the city, and proves invulnerable to various assaults directed against him. However, he is ultimately defeated and killed by Smalden Joveson, wielding the Stone Sword of Flint and aided by Picket.


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