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Massie Burnson, The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner, p. 32

The Rise and Fall of King Jupiter the Great is a story told by the rabbits of Natalia. As its name suggests, it details the history of King Jupiter, including his rise to the throne, the glory days of his reign, and his untimely death. The title Rise and Fall was specifically used by Whittle Longtreader, who later records the tale in a series of books.


The Green Ember

Whittle Longtreader recounted part of the tale to Picket and Heather, covering the history of King Walter Good and the defeat of Garlacks in the Red Valley War. He also shared the story of the Council of Seven Ambassadors, but was overcome by emotion before he could finish the tale.

Later, Wilfred Longtreader and Lord Rake continued the story in Lighthall, where the windows depicted the events of the tale. They added details such as Bleston's rebellion, and informed them of the treachery of Garten Longtreader and Jupiter's murder by Morbin Blackhawk.

Ember's End

Following the end of the War for All Natalia, Whittle sets to work recording King Jupiter's story in book form. This includes interviewing numerous rabbits, including Jupiter's heir King Smalden Joveson. Picket and Heather later discuss the books, and Heather announces her intention to write The Fall and Rise of King Smalden Joveson.

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