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"The Mended Wood" is a song sung by the rabbits of The Resistance. It is a song of hope for the future, which revels in the thought that someday the rule of evil will end, and the rabbits of Natalia will be free again.


The Green Ember

A group of rabbit younglings sing "The Mended Wood".

In a large hall in Cloud Mountain, Heather Longtreader and Picket Longtreader were joined by Smalls, Wilfred Longtreader, and most of the Cloud Mountain community. Then, two speeches were given, the first one by Lord Rake, and the second by Maggie Weaver. Then, three rabbits came on stage and sang the song.

Ember Falls

Heather Longtreader was thrown into Morbin's lair, where Morbin Blackhawk identified and interrogated her. While Morbin's minions debated over what to do with Heather, she heard someone singing "The Mended Wood". She recognized the voice to be her mother's.

Ember's End

While unconscious in the Tomb of Lander's Dragons, Heather Longtreader dreams a scene of her childhood, in which her mother, Sween Longtreader, is singing "The Mended Wood".


The skies once so blue and beautiful,
Are littered with crass, cruel foes.
Their bleak, black wings beat a dreadful beat,'
Over sorrowful songs of woes.

Songs of suffering and cruel murders,
All lament and never a voice,
Raised in grateful gladness to the heights,
Never reason to rejoice.

It will not be so in the Mended Wood,
We'll be free and glad again.
It will not be so in the Mended Wood,
When the heir of Jupiter reigns!
When the heir of Jupiter reigns!