This is a list of rules that must be followed by all users on The Green Ember Wiki. If you have any questions, feel free to ask an administrator.


User policiesEdit

  • You must be at least 13 years of age when joining Wiki. If for any reason you are discovered to be underage, you will receive a block that will last until you turn 13.
  • Do not make a new account in order to get around a block, otherwise known as "sock-puppeting." Any such accounts will be perma-blocked.
  • Users with inappropriate usernames and/or avatars will receive a request to change the offending material. Users that refuse these requests will be blocked.

Content/editing policiesEdit

  • Do not add fan fiction or speculation onto pages.
  • Do not plagiarize information from other wikis.
  • Do not use any language other than English.
  • Do not insert profanity or gibberish into pages.
  • Do not undo an administrator's edit.

Image policiesEdit

  • Do not add images that are bloody, crude, or suggestive in any way.
  • Only add images that are pertinent to the subject of this wiki.
  • Do not upload fan art without the artist's permission.
  • Do not upload images if you have no plans to use them. Unused images are deleted, no questions asked.

Comment policiesEdit

  • Only post comments on a page that relate to that topic.
  • Do not name-call, swear, or use any obscene language when commenting.
  • Do not remove or request removal of comments that you do not agree with. The only time a comment will be removed is if it contains language or obscenity.

Message walls and chat policiesEdit

  • Do not be rude and cuss or insult other users in the chat or message walls.
  • Do not swear or use curse words.
  • Do not ask users personal questions (i.e. age, address, phone number).
  • If you are blocked from one wiki, do not join this wiki simply to contact a user whom you may know about the situation (i.e. "Unban me from the Disney Wiki right now!" or "Tell ____ to unban me from the Harry Potter Wiki!").


The penalty for breaking any of these rules is a block, in which a user is temporarily banned from The Green Ember Wiki. Most blocks span from a few days to a few weeks, but exceptions can and will be made if necessary. All users will be given two warnings prior to a block in most cases. Exceptions to this include: extreme language, major harassment, and constant spamming/vandalization.

Please note that consistently breaking any of the above rules will eventually lead to a permanent block.

Happy editing!

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