Essays are a part of The Green Ember Wiki community. They are not policy and are primarily opinion pieces, created either by individual users or the community as a whole. Generally, an essay should consist of an in-depth analysis, thought-provoking commentary, book review, or observant critique. Please do not put "Essay" in your blog post title if it does not meet that criteria. An essay is more than a few short sentences.


  • You must be a registered member of The Green Ember Wiki. Register here.
  • Essays must have some relevance to the books, S. D. Smith, or anything else related to the universe.
  • Make sure the pagename is Essay:ExampleTitle
  • Put the {{Essay|ExampleUsername}} template at the top.
  • Put the [[Category:Essays]] category at the bottom.

Comments on essays are to remain about the essay, not devolve into a discussion on the essay's topic. If you feel strongly about an essay's subject matter, write a rebuttal.

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