This is a list of useful guidelines for editing on The Green Ember Wiki.



  • Only administrators should change what is displayed on the wiki's front page, but suggestions and comments are always encouraged.


  • Categories should always be in alphabetical order.
  • Only the first word of multiple-word categories should be capitalized (unless it is a proper noun).


  • Only canon information should be inserted into infoboxes.
  • The {{*}} template should be used in infoboxes whenever necessary.


  • When creating a new page, please add more than just one sentence, make sure that the information you are putting down is wholly accurate, without conjecture, and conforming to the rules of proper punctuation and grammar. Otherwise, your page will have the potential to be deleted.
  • Since The Green Ember Wiki is an encyclopedia, everything relating to a specific event should be written in the past tense.
  • Article names (the actual title of the page on the article) should always be in bold.


  • Gallery pages should contain "tabbers," which divide the different sections and make the gallery look more organized.
  • Images in galleries should be centered (including captions) and have small spacing.
  • A subject must be at least semi-prominent in an image for it to be inserted into the subject's gallery.

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