Hadley: Buck up, Whitey. You won't see him. He's above such pretty manners. Now Lieutenant Long is no picnic neither. Hope you don't get him. He likes to strike out over nothing. Captain Vitton is worst of all, but he's mainly interested in causers. Only gets at ordinary outwallers when things are slow.

Heather Longtreader: When you say the Commandant is a Longreader, what do you mean?

Ember Rising

The Commandant was the leader of the Wrongtreaders in Akolan, but secretly was always an agent of the Seventh District.


Ember Rising

The Commandant was mistakenly thought to be Garten Longtreader's brother. His real name and heritage is unknown.

He played the part of a violent Wrongtreader, but was secretly a Resister. He was an informant for the Resistance, a betrayer of betrayers. He aided in the evacuation of the children on Victory Day.

Ember's End

When the Seventh District rabbits came to invite the Sixth District rabbits to join their escape, the Commandant prevented the Wrongtreaders from attacking them. He then informed the Sixth District rabbits that the Lepers' District was a long-running, elaborate hoax, and urged them all to flee the city.

Physical appearance

The Commandant has a scarred face and wears an eyepatch. He's dressed in black, and he has gold bands on his arms. He has a red collar and wings on his left shoulder.

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