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You are right here in your story. Don't skip ahead.
Massie Burnson, The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner, p. 32

[Terralain] is a kingdom for all kingdoms. It is a kingdom with a mission to make all kingdoms free and equal—all stars in the same night.
Bleston, Ember Falls, pg. 116

Terralain, also known as the Valley of Stars, is a hidden kingdom of rabbits located in the southwest of Natalia, long thought to be a myth by the rabbits of the Great Wood and surrounding areas.

Its banner consists of a field of black filled with silver stars, emblematic of its slogan that all citizens are "stars in the same sky." Inhabitants of Terralain are often referred to as Terralains.


The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner

After breaking away from the Trekkers during the Battle of Ayman Lake, Galt traveled west and eventually made his way to what would become known as Grimble Island. While there, weak with hunger, he ate yellow-colored berries that grew on on the of the shores. He soon fell ill, and received visions of traveling southwest and coming across wild rabbits. After recovering, he made it his goal to fulfill this vision and establish a new rabbit society based on his own ideals of equality.

Before the War for All Natalia

Terralain seems to have passed out of the knowledge of the rest of Natalia's inhabitants by the time of King Jupiter, with those who did know of it dismissing it as pure myth. However, it was rediscovered by Prince Bleston and his band of malcontents after their departure from First Warren. By some means Bleston became the First Lord of Terralain, which became the staging ground for his eventual plans to seize the throne over all Natalia. His endeavor was greatly aided by the fact that many of the Terralain rabbits were large and powerful.

The Green Ember

The land of Terrain is mentioned frequently in conversations with Kyle, the Second Lord of Terralain and its infiltrator in the Resistance. Kyle frequently makes claims as to the veracity of its existence, but was firmly countered by Emma.

Ember Falls

Some time after the Battle for Cloud Mountain, the Terralains mobilized a large army and began marching north and east towards Halfwind Citadel. Their aim was to establish Bleston as ruler of all rabbits in Natalia through an alliance with Morbin Blackhawk.

Ember Rising

When Helmer attempts to dissuade a group of Terralain soldiers from carrying out Tameth Seer's orders, Captain Vulm informs him that an insult to the seer is an affront to all of Terralain.

Ember's End

Shortly before a Terralain festival, the remainder of Terralain's soldiers are dispatched under Prince Naylen to join the forces under Tameth Seer and Kylen. However, Kylen switches sides mid-battle, joining forces with Emma's legions to battle the wolves and Lords of Prey. After the Siege of First Warren, Terralain becomes subject to the renewed kingdom of the Thirty Warrens in the Mended Wood. Some years later, Kylen writes Emma to inform her that he is bringing Terralain's tribute to the annual Feast of the Mending. This includes a force of Terralain bucks to help construct housing for families that have adopted war orphans.