Oh no! You killed a dragon! In their sacred pool. Oh no. They'll destroy us all. This is a shrine for them. This is where the pact will be formalized. Lord Grimble's coming here. Oh no. Oh no!

Tarn was a buck who chose to serve Captain Grimble rather than King Whitson Mariner. He took part in the Grimbles' plan to abandon King Whitson Mariner and his supporters to an island of dragons.


The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner

I'm not saying nothing. They'll be back. Soon, in fact. They'll be here soon. And if I were you, sweet queen, I'd just surrender to me now, so you don't get hurt.
When Queen Lillie is kidnapped and taken to an island of dragons, Tarn is one of the bucks assigned to stay to guard the queen. Lillie broke out of her prison when she spotted her son, Lander, knocking Tarn to the ground as she did so.

As Tarn rose, he was confronted by Lillie, Galt, Massie Burnson, and Lander, who proceeded to interrogate him. At first Tarn refused, but after receiving a fist to the face from Massie, he relented. Just then, he noticed a dead dragon in the dragons' sacred pool and began to panic. As dragons emerged from the nearby forest, Lillie and company fled the scene. Tarn, left behind, was killed by the furious dragons.

Physical appearance

Tarn was described as "massive."

Personality and traits

Listen to the wise buck, little doe.
Even when confronted, Tarn was rough, coarse, and rude, taking pleasure in mocking his adversaries. However, when seriously concerned for his life, he broke down and became a slave to panic and irrationality.

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