What now, princeling? You think you can overthrow me? All I did was for the good of Terralain. I remember before your band of usurpers came. I remember when we followed Father Galt's way purely! I was only restoring-
— Tameth Seer to Naylen, Ember's End, pg. 269

Tameth Seer was the personal adviser and seer of Bleston and his family.


Ember Falls

Politicking in Halfwind

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Ember Rising

As Helmer and Picket Longtreader prepare to leave their company and make for Harbone Citadel, they are ambushed by Tameth Seer and a band of Terralain rabbits. Tameth demands that the "assassin" Picket be turned over to them, but Helmer refuses. Though Picket pleads that they should be on the same side, neither Helmer's band nor the Terralain rabbits are willing to back down, and a battle ensues.

At first the Terralain soldiers had the upper hand, but reinforcements come to Picket and Helmer's aid, and Tameth surrenders. Helmer requests of the leader of the band, Captain Vulm, that his rabbits be allowed to go in peace for the next two days, simply so that they may each go their own way without harm. Vulm agrees, and Helmer and Picket - as well as their band - leave safely. Tameth calls out a warning to them as they depart.

Ember's End

Tameth continues his lies to Naylen, Kylen's brother. He eventually attempts to poison and thus kill Kylen. However, this plot fails and when Tameth tries to lead the Terralain soldiers into battle against Emma's troops, he is killed by Naylen, who has uncovered the seer's plot.

Physical appearance

Tameth was an old, oddly-dressed rabbit. He was first seen dressed in purple, with his head dangling and beads and gems braided into his fur. His voice was eerie, high, and brittle.



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