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Some say it fell from the stars, from the warrior's cluster.
Whitson Mariner, The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner, p. 165
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The Tales of Old Natalia series is a spin-off series of The Green Ember series, authored by S. D. Smith and illustrated by Zach Franzen. They are published by Story Warren, LLC.

As of December 2018, the series consists of two installments. However, with the release of Ember's End in March of 2020, a third installment, Prince Lander and the Dragon War, was confirmed.[1]


It is generally understood that the series will be composed of a few books set before the happenings of The Green Ember and its sequels, hence the name "Tales of Old Natalia."

So far, the series consists of two books: The Black Star of Kingston, which dealt with King Whitson Mariner and Fleck Blackstar's adventures at the advent of their arrival to Natalia from the Golden Coast; and The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner, which described Whitson's trials in finding a new home for his community and dealing with a bitter betrayal.


The Black Star of Kingston:

"A century before Heather and Picket’s adventures in The Green Ember, a displaced community fights for hope on the ragged edge of survival.

My place beside you My blood for yours Till the Green Ember rises Or the end of the world.

Whitson Mariner and Fleck Blackstar face old fears and new enemies, forging a legend that will echo through the ages.

Old wars haunt. New enemies threaten. An oath is born.

A hero rises."[2]

The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner:

"Old Natalia, soon after Captain Blackstar saved king and cause on the shores of Ayman Lake.

Battered, but determined, Whitson Mariner leads his displaced rabbits into new dangers on a journey to their undiscovered home.

Whitson the king, Lillie the queen, Prince Lander, and loyal Massie Burnson must rise from the wreckage of betrayal to rescue the cause once more.

Treason broods.
Monsters menace.
Battle beckons.
A community rises.

My place beside you.
My blood for yours.
Till the Green Ember rises…
Or the end of the world!"[3]


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