Skill alone is no measure of virtue.

Captain Suttfin was a buck who served as captain on Steadfast under King Whitson Mariner.


The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner

Captain Suttfin was present at King Whitson Mariner's party on board Steadfast.

Later, Vanguard suffered a devatating wreck at the hands of Captain Grimble. The survivors took shelter on an island. Steadfast eventually arrived, Suttfin at the helm. Suttfin was then present at Whitson's meeting, in which the king decided to take Steadfast upriver to meet Grimble's ship, Desolation. Although Suttfin protested, Whitson was adamant; Suttfin later joined the king on board.

As Steadfast clashed with Desolation, Suttfin fought alongside his king and crew. He helped surround to Captain Grimble and forced him to surrender. After the battle was over, Suttfin and Captain Walters saw to the prisoners taken.

Personality and traits

If only Captain Suttfin dominated the seas as well as he dominates the bottle. He's a better sipper than a skipper.
Although little of Captain Suttfin's traits were known, it can be assumed that he was loyal, brave, and valiant. He was devoted to King Whitson Mariner. However, according to Captain Grimble, he was known to like alcohol, and Grimble also disparaged his skills as a captain.
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