It will never break, until all the breaking is broken. When the Mending comes, it will be unmendable.
Fay on the Stone Sword of Flint, The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner

The Stone Sword of Flint, also known as the Starsword, is an ancient weapon that was owned by the father of rabbitkind, Flint.



The exact origin of Flint's sword is unknown, but there are different legends that describe how it came to be. One legend asserts that it fell from the sky, while another argues that it came from the stars. The rabbits of Harbone Citadel believe that Flint forged the sword from a falling star of unbreakable steel, or else freed the sword from within a meteorite.

In the hands of rabbits

Sometime after the sword was crafted, Flint wielded it against the first foe, and it was handed down from generation to generation. It was eventually given to King Whitson Mariner by King Gerrard prior to the former's departure from Golden Coast and it was seen by Prince Lander.

The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner

The sword was aboard the Vanguard as it sailed to a new home. After Captain Grimble and his father Lord Grimble betrayed the Steadfast and those on board to the river-rocks as they sailed westward in order to find a good place for a settlement, King Whitson Mariner laments the loss of the sword as well as the Stone Book of Fay, which had been on board the Steadfast when it sank.

After the Grimbles' defeat, everyone returns to shore. Whitson is approached by Mother Saramack, who directs him, Lillie, and Lander to the wreckage of Vanguard, where a crate had been found with King Gerrard's seal on it. Inside, much to their awe and relief, they find the Stone Sword of Flint. Quoting a prophecy, Lander murmurs, "We must do our part 'till the old blade is broken."

Ember Rising

Hame Smith tells Picket Longtreader of the sword's history, as well as rumors surrounding its fate. Hame asserts that he believes the sword is hidden in the Tomb of Lander's Dragons, where only King Jupiter's heirs can reach it.

Ember's End

In the Tomb of Lander's Dragons, Smalls finds the Sword and uses it to fell the dragons attacking him and Heather, as well as to break the wooden support beams that kept Forbidden Island from collapsing on the tomb.

Afterwards, Smalls uses the sword in battle at the Siege of First Warren, and, upon meeting Morbin in combat, he thrusts it through Morbin's breastplate (which had prevented normal weapons from killing Morbin) and pierces his heart, thus defeating him forever. The blade, in fulfillment of Fay's prophecy, was broken when Smalls finished Morbin, a portion of the blade remaining in the Blackhawk's heart.


  • S. D. Smith has said he may consider writing a prequel based on Flint and Fay's adventures explaining how exactly Flint got the Starsword, although he asserts that all one needs to know about it in order to enjoy The Green Ember series is in the books he has already written.[1]



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