Heather and Picket Longtreader playing Starseek.

Starseek is a game Heather Longtreader invented while living in Nick Hollow.


The game is simple, and requires a "star" made up of three sticks that are tied together with a red ribbon, making a six-pointed star. The red ribbon is left long to flap in the breeze.  The game begins when one player throws the star as hard as he or she can. The players wait for the star to hit the ground and then race to be the first to grab it. Whoever successfully captures the star first is the winner.

Starseek is usually played in three rounds per game, in which case the winner is the person who grabs the "star" first two times or more.


The Green Ember

Heather and Picket played Starseek often before Redeye Garlackson and his wolves attacked their home.


  • Starseek is featured in an official printable maze coloring sheet.[1]


  1. Starseek maze

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