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Greetings, Fellow Wanderer of this Ancient World!

If you are new to The Green Ember Wiki and would like us to assist you in anything concerning the building of this community or if you just want to tell us how you found our wiki, feel free to leave a message on one or both of our walls (both of which can be found here and here). We would love to hear from you, and would definitely try to answer your messages!

If you have just joined, and are at a loss of what to do, please take a look first at our Wiki-editing projects page. It will no doubt prove very helpful to you in searching for something to do. Alternatively, you may read our wiki-articles, finding and rewriting those that need rewriting, expanding stubby articles, adding information, etc. Please consult our editing guidelines and rules before you do anything (this is not mandatory).

If you are an admin of a wiki, you may be interested in our Christian Fantasy Wiki Footer Project.

Additionally, if you have something you want to say about S. D. Smith's wonderful world of Natalia, please feel free to write an essay.

Thanks for visiting our wiki, every single contribution to this wiki is appreciated. We hope you'll enjoy your stay, and come back again!

Remember, for the sake of this wounded world... To bear the flame.

—The Administrators, J.S. and Peony.

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"And always, for the sake of this wounded world . . . bear the flame."Smalden Joveson
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