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Massie Burnson, The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner, p. 32

A massive raptor flew up behind the central pack, beating its wings till it rose before the sun to become an outlined figure whose wings seemed fringed with fire. It paused in partial eclipse of the rising sun and cast a long, sharp shadow across the valley.
— Narration of the first appearance of Solus, The First Fowler, p. 63

Solus was a kite and one of the Lords of Prey.


The First Fowler

Following the Battle for Cloud Mountain, Solus is dispatched to the area of Cloud Mountain to take command of Redeye Garlackson's scattered Wolves. He has a number of disobedient troops restrained and proceeds to kill them, and his authority is resented by the remainder. This attack is observed by Jo Shanks and Owen, and the former mistakes Solus for Morbin Blackhawk himself. Helmer later corrects him, indicating that while Solus might be a member of the Dronzer family, he isn't so formidable a bird as one of the Six.

In the midst of an attempt by Helmer's party to distract Solus and his wolves so that Prince Smalden Joveson's party could make it through their lines, Solus spots and attacks several of them. He kills Aubray of Vandalia Citadel and pursues Owen and Studge of the Bracers, but fails to catch these two or Captain Frye. The remainder of the party then lures Solus into a trap, with Helmer attaching a number of bottles containing blastpowder and other combustibles to the bird's back. Jo Shanks then strikes the payload with a flaming arrow, causing the fiery demise of Solus just as he is about to attack the prince's party.

Physical appearance

Solus is described as a large black kite, though much smaller than Morbin Blackhawk. He had a white-feathered head and a yellow beak and talons, as well as some lighter patches of feathers on the undersides of his wings. His eyes were of a pale color.


  • The name "Solus" is of Latin origin and means "only".[1]


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