Master Smith, . . . is it possible you spoke to me before I spoke to you?

Master Smith is a rabbit blacksmith living in Akolan as one of the many slaves of Morbin Blackhawk.


Ember Rising

As Heather is led through the Fourth District of Akolan by Captain Vitton, immediately after first meeting him, they encounter Master Smith, who welcomes Vitton to his smithy out of fear. Vitton, indignant, rebukes Smith for speaking to him before being spoken to, at which point, Smith grovels at Vitton's feet, apologizing profusely; Vitton then complains that he was only continuing to displease him by talking. After this, the captain leaves the smithy, telling Master Smith to carry on with his work.

Physical appearance

Smith was described as "massive".

Personality and traits

Master Smith had an obvious fear of Captain Vitton, which no doubt stemmed from his living as a slave in Akolan, where the brutal Wrongtreaders would accept nothing less from their slaves than complete subjection to Morbin's will.

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