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King Smalden "Smalls" Joveson, also known as Jupiter Smalls, is the youngest son of King Jupiter of the Thirty Warrens and his chosen heir, and thus the rightful bearer of the Green Ember. After the War for All Natalia, Smalls takes his rightful place as ruler of Natalia. He also marries Heather, with whom he has several children, among them Maggie and Hanna.


Prince Lander and the Dragon War

Part of Smalls' destiny was foreseen more than a hundred years prior to his birth by Lander.

Early life

Smalls was the last born of King Jupiter's sons, and never grew to the same physical stature as his brothers. However, according to Heather Longtreader, King Jupiter recognized qualities in his son worthy of the kingship of the Thirty Warrens, and thus bequeathed to him the Green Ember. Indeed, Smalls was given the Green Ember in his infancy, and thus grew up with little if any memory of his father. Few were present at this Bestowal of the Green Ember, but among them were Garten Longtreader.

After Jupiter was murdered by Morbin Blackhawk, Smalls' older brothers (including Winslow and Whitbie Joveson) were apparently ignorant of or unwilling to recognize his claim to the throne. Since they felt that they could not hold back Morbin's hordes, they decided to coalesce under his rule, (an action of which Whitbie later repented), at which point they effectively exiled Smalls along with his chosen guardian, Wilfred Longtreader, who had been a loyal servant of his father.

His younger sister Emma, an infant at the time, was committed to the care of Lord Rake of Cloud Mountain, and chosen to succeed Smalls if he should die without an heir.

The Green Ember/The Last Archer

Following their banishment from the First Warren, Smalls and Wilfred make their way to Nick Hollow to visit Wilfred's brother Whittle and his wife Sween, along with their children, Picket and Heather. Unfortunately, they arrive only to find that they had been beaten to Nick Hollow by a pack of wolves under the evil Redeye Garlackson. They are unable to save Whittle, Sween, and their youngest son Jacket from being captured, but are able to come to the aid of Picket and Heather. Smalls is able to combat a wolf and help Wilfred drive off Redeye, after which Smalls enters the Seven Mounds in order to help Picket and Heather.

Smalls manages to carry the unconscious Heather through the mounds as they attempt to escape Redeye's minions, though he unwittingly inspires resentment in Picket against his various actions and mannerisms. The two eventually make their way to the seventh mound and, after Picket is unable to determine which path to take, Smalls chooses a route that plunged them into a deep cavern with an underground lake. Smalls is knocked unconscious, but Picket and the revived Heather are able to get him into a boat that they find and escape, rejoining Wilfred in the process. Smalls soon recovers from his injury, and held conference with Wilfred while the others slept, breaking it off when Picket wakes up.

During the group's trip to Decker's Landing, Smalls' gloomy comments about the likely unfortunate fate of Heather and Picket's family cause Picket to voice his disliking of Smalls. Rather than become angry at the other buck, Smalls expresses approval at Picket's anger, and is even content with it being directed at him for the present. The group later arrive at the landing to find it ablaze with wolves patrolling nearby, and are thus forced to move into the nearby woods to seek cover. Smalls acts as a scout and informs the others when they could move safely, and later carries Picket briefly after he trips and injured himself. As the group moves through the forest to find refuge in Cloud Mountain, Smalls joins Heather in asking Wilfred for a stop for Picket's sake.

Smalls lies unconscious as he, Heather, and Picket flee the Seven Mounds.

The group eventually arrives at Cloud Mountain and are met by the Forest Guard under Pacer. Smalls bristles when they are denied entry until Lord Rake can approve them, but the citadel lord shortly arrives and welcomes the group inside. Smalls and Wilfred don hooded cloaks to conceal themselves, as all Longtreaders (one of which Smalls was considered to be due to his concealed identity and his association with Wilfred) are held in suspicion among those rabbits who count themselves a part of the Resistance due to Garten Longtreader's treachery against King Jupiter, which had resulted in his death at Jupiter's Crossing.

During this time Heather and Picket came to believe that Smalls was the son of Finnbar Smalls, a great painter slain during the Afterterrors. Smalls later joins Wilfred and Lord Rake in coming to the aid of Helmer when one of the captain's training exercises goes dangerously wrong. They succeed in saving his life, and despite sustaining an injury to one foot Smalls acknowledges Helmer with Blackstar's oath. He is forced to use crutches for a time due to his injury, and later comes across Picket after the younger buck had an altercation with the Cloud Mountain guards. After helping Picket get out of trouble, Smalls rebukes him and advises him to change his attitude.

During his time on Cloud Mountain, Smalls spends a great deal of time in Light Hall in the company of Master Luthe Glazier, who is one of a handful to know of Smalls' true identity. Smalls also frequented the Standing Stones at Cloud Mountain, visiting them every morning and evening when he is able. During one such visit he meets Jo Shanks from Halfwind Citadel, and the two spoke atop the seventh standing stone for a time. Smalls' innate wisdom so impresses Jo that the archer confesses a great deal to Smalls that he had told few others.

In seeking to avoid further exposure, Jo questions Smalls' own plans, and learned that Smalls has a doe in mind whom he would like to marry. Smalls later intervenes when the soldiers from Halfwind Citadel, Jo included, surround Wilfred with drawn blades. Smalls also comes to be acquainted with Kyle, who informs Smalls that his mother is in danger and needs help. Smalls approaches Heather to learn whether she trusts Kyle, and she responds in the affirmative despite some misgivings. With this confirmation, Smalls chooses to depart Cloud Mountain alone to go to the aid of his mother, though he keeps the Green Ember with him contrary to Kyle's counsel.

After saying farewell to Master Luthe and asking Heather to advise Wilfred of his departure, Smalls leaves the mountain and makes his way to Jupiter's Crossing. He walks into a trap, orchestrated by Kyle on the orders of his father Bleston, and is captured by Redeye Garlackson and Garten Longtreader. However, Picket comes racing to his aid after learning of Kyle's treachery, and in a miraculous display slays Redeye after defeating two birds of prey who had accompanied him. The two then led the arriving reinforcements from Cloud Mountain against an attacking force of wolves, driving them back. At this point, Smalls discloses his true identity to all and expresses his thankfulness to the loyal Longtreaders for their service.

Ember Falls/The First Fowler

After receiving intelligence from Captain Frye on the possible whereabouts of Heather and Picket's family, Smalls leads a mission hoping to save them. He and Picket scout ahead, only to find the camp deserted, and are attacked by a trio of birds. They are able to collapse an empty barracks on the three predators, killing two while the third is dispatched by arriving reinforcements. After the camp has been searched, Smalls had at least some of the recovered ore sent to Harbone Citadel and forged into a new sword for Picket.

Smalls hosts a council at Halfwind Citadel.

Some time later at Halfwind Citadel, Smalls enjoys a brief walk with Heather before Captain Frye arrives with news. Smalls convened a council in Lord Ramnor's ready room, inviting the Longtreaders, Captains Frye and Helmer, Lords Ramnor and Victor, and Coleden and Heyna Blackstar. There they learn of an approaching army of rabbits, larger than any ever seen and coming from an area in which Morbin was not known to have assets. At the advice of all his counselors, it is determined that Smalls should travel to Kingston for a conference with the various lords while Halfwind prepares for an attack.

At this time, Smalls reveals Emma's true identity to his council, and asks that they not tell her of her heritage for her own sake. After the council adjourns, he speaks in private with Picket and informed him of news. This turns out to be intelligence indicating that Picket's father was in a slave camp in the Shade Hills, which was on Smalls' way to Kingston. Smalls then informs Picket that all of his advisors have counseled him against attempting a rescue, despite his own wish to do so. Picket pleads with him to make the attempt, and after vowing to do all that he could Smalls asked for Picket's sword.

The weapon proves to have a secret compartment in its hilt, and Smalls places the Green Ember there, entrusting it to Picket as a precaution against his death. His concerns prove to be well-founded, as when his escort attacks the camp on his orders they are ambushed by numerous birds. Smalls and his forces fight bravely, but many are killed or carried off. Smalls himself is run through and then carried off (according to Uncle Wilfred) with both Wilfred and Lord Victor being convinced of his death. Word of his death brings tremendous grief to the Cause and guilt to Picket, who blames himself for urging Smalls on.

Bleston, having feigned a desire to side with Smalls in the war against Morbin, betrays the Cause at the Battle of Rockback Valley, seeking to capture Emma. After this scheme is thwarted, Emma, now recognized as the heir, thanks the soldiers for fighting on in memory of her brother. Overwhelmed by the weight of her newfound identity, Emma attempts to surrender herself to Morbin in order to give the Resistance rabbits time to escape. She is thwarted by Heather, who takes her place; the Preylords later suggest that perhaps Heather should be buried with Smalls, much to her sorrow.

Ember Rising

Picket grieves anew for Smalls after confirmation of his death arrives, with Emma sending her brother's scarf to Picket as a gift in token of Picket and Smalls' friendship. Picket later discusses Smalls with both Hame Smith of Harbone Citadel and Whitbie Joveson, one of Smalls' older brothers. Word of Smalls and Picket had previously entered the city via Heather's story. Whit later speaks to their oldest brother, Winslow, who expresses satisfaction at the news of Smalls' apparent death.

In Akolan, Heather shares the story of Smalls with her parents and the Seventh District. She makes a silent pledge to herself that she will go throughout the remainder of her life as though she were Smalls' widow. After being thrown into the Tomb of Lander's Dragons on Forbidden Island, a mortally wounded Heather comes across Smalls' body. Grieving over him, she laid her head on his chest, only to lift it again in astonishment after a few seconds.

Ember's End

Now your dominion is ended, Morbin! I am the son of Jupiter Great, descendant by blood and heir of Flint Firstking! I am Smalden Ender Preybane, and your doom is come.
— Smalls to Morbin, Ember's End, p. 373

Smalls finds Jone Wissel's True Blue tonic.

Having determined that Smalls is, miraculously, still alive, Heather attends to his injuries even as her own condition declines. Recalling the astonishing effects of Jone's tonic, she administers it to Smalls, who soon recovers only to find Heather on the brink of death. Nourishing her with mossdraft, Smalls appeals to the unconscious Heather and is finally able to learn which of her tonics she gave him. He uses the remainder on Heather, who makes her own miraculous recovery and awakes to a joyful reunion with Smalls.

Discussion of the means by which they have both been saved from death leads Heather to recount all that she has experienced since their last meeting. Stunned by all that has been accomplished in his absence, Smalls laments his foolhardy decision to attack the slave camp, and questions whether he should remain withdrawn from the War for All Natalia and allow Emma to reign instead. Heather argues against this course, and insists that they turn their efforts towards finding a means of escape. However, they are then interrupted by another inhabitant of the tomb: a dragon who introduces himself as the dragon keeper.

The keeper explains that his office was created by a treaty between Lander and the last survivor of the Dragon War, the latter being tasked with safeguarding the dragon seeds within the tomb. Leery of his intent, Smalls and Heather share some knowledge of what is transpiring in the world outside. The keeper informs the pair that escaping the tomb without outside help is apparently impossible. After disclosing that he attended to Smalls during the prince's time alone in the cave, he leaves the pair to continue recuperating from their recent injuries. In whispered conversation, Heather expresses his distrust for the creature, and Smalls expresses his trust in her insight as a seer. The two settle down to sleep, and Smalls sings a song to help settle both their hearts.

Smalls and Heather encounter the Keeper.

The following day, the pair discuss the need to find a means of escape, particularly as the tomb seems to be growing increasingly unstable. Smalls also speculates on the history of dragons in Natalia, which he suspects was deliberately falsified due to their almost mythical status. He notes that Wilfred believed in their existence, but also that much knowledge was lost when King Jupiter was killed before he could instruct Smalls in the royal lore. Smalls then discusses receiving the Green Ember from his father as a small child, and how both Jupiter and Lord Booker sensed unusual qualities in him even at that young age. Heather screams after seeing a pair of eyes observing them, but the two of them play dumb when the keeper arrives to investigate the noise.

After Smalls asks about the possibility of a cave-in, the keeper invites him to come and see the supports that have been fashioned to prevent the tomb's collapse and help with the project. Smalls agrees, reluctantly leaving behind Heather, who takes the Green Ember for safekeeping. After spending some time waiting for him, Heather falls asleep, but awakens to find him sleeping nearby, but feels a sense of worry at the sight. Later, either in a moment of semi-consciousness or a dream, she sees Smalls searching through her satchel. Unbeknownst to her, Smalls has fallen victim to the keeper's-or rather, the dragon prince's-toxic breath, the druglike effects of which cause him to seek to fulfill the dragon's desires.

Smalls charges from the vault wielding the starsword.

Working to break into a vault in the depths of the tomb, Smalls is eventually able to gain access after a tremor opens a crack into the chamber. Smalls is able to shake off the effects of the breath in the process, and overhears the dragon prince disclosing his true identity and plans to Heather on the other side of the vault door. Finding the legendary Stone Sword of Flint within the tomb, Smalls uses the Green Ember-which he took from Heather while intoxicated by the breath-to open the door. He then charges out and kills the prince using the starsword before urging Heather into the vault, closing the door behind them.

Smalls reveals that the vault also contains an exit to the outside world, giving them the opportunity to escape. However, pointing out the crack by which he entered, he notes that the dragons will be able to escape as well. After Heather asserts that the dragons would make a pact with the Preylords, rather than fight against them, the two realize that they must insure that the dragons do not escape. The two examine the treasures of the vault, Smalls confessing that he had hoped to marry Heather one day, and outfit themselves with various weapons and other treasures. Now clad in armor, Smalls leads the charge out of the vault, cutting through the dragons as Heather destroys the supports to bring the tunnels down behind them.

Reaching the cavern where they reunited, the pair wonder if they might remain there undisturbed for a time when a last flood of dragons charges in. Smalls confronts them while Heather destroys the last support, with Smalls turning to look her in the eyes as they anticipate their death. However, they are unexpectedly rescued by Heather's father Whittle Longtreader, who has just arrived with the escaped inhabitants of Akolan aboard a fleet of ships. As Forbidden Island crumbles behind them, the rabbits sail into the midst of the Siege of First Warren.

Smalls and Heather meet each other's stares as the dragon tomb collapses.

Spotting Morbin flying above the city and laying waste to the battered defenders, Smalls urges Whittle's crew to sail to the Seven Standing Stones. After dispatching a bird with the starsword, he leaps to the first standing stone and runs to the top. He then begins leaping across the stones towards the seventh to confront Morbin, whom he addresses defiantly. Picket, flying in using a glider pack, then attacks Morbin, blinding him in one eye only to lose his right arm in a second strike. Smalls rushes to aid him, only to watch in horror as Picket makes a final lunge at Morbin and is knocked from atop the standing stone, badly wounded. Morbin, distracted and half-blind from Picket's efforts, fails to see Smalls making a final leap at him, and Smalls drives the starsword into Morbin's heart.

The sword's blade breaks, signaling the end of all wars and the beginning of the Mending, as Morbin falls to his end in the flooded city below. Smalls then watches as Heather dives into the same flood to rescue Picket, who is swiftly taken to the old palace. Smalls reassumes his place as heir to the throne, receiving the Whitson Stone from Emma and soon being forced away from Picket's bedside by duties of state. Some weeks later, a note from Heather brings him back to the palace in time to witness Picket awaking from a coma and being reunited with his loved ones.

Smalls holds the broken Starsword aloft.

A year after the final battle, Smalls presides at the first Feast of the Mending, an annual celebration to commemorate the victory over the predators and the heroic sacrifice of those lost in the war. Smalls announces his betrothal to Heather, adding that they will be married on the day he is crowned as king. He then calls Picket up to a table of honor, accompanied by his family and closest surviving friends. Picket asks Smalls to join them, but the prince politely declines, instead donning an apron and joining those serving the meal to the happy throng.

Later, after Smalls has been crowned king and married Heather, he is interviewed by Whittle regarding his experiences, part of Whittle's preparation of The Rise and Fall of King Jupiter the Great. Smalls and Heather take up residence in Newcity, and in time are blessed with several children including Maggie and Hanna Joveson. The royal couple come to be regarded as a new Flint and Fay. During a visit between Heather and Emma, Emma mentions seeing her brother with Cole Blackstar and their older brothers Winslow and Whitbie Joveson, who were leaving to check out possible sites for the Votive Sanctuary.

Smalls later attends a family gathering at Helmer's Farm, now home to Picket, his wife Louise, and their children. He gives Whittle's assistant Dote a present and his regards to Dote's son Stretch, before warmly greeting Whittle and Jacks. The trio are soon laughing in the midst of the party, with Smalls looking on lovingly as his children and their cousins sit listening to their grandmother Sween Longtreader. Elsewhere, Heather reveals to Picket that she is working on her own history, The Fall and Rise of King Smalden Joveson; the extended family subsequently settles down to dinner.

Physical appearance

Smalls is the youngest and shortest in statue of all of King Jupiter's known sons; however, he is much stronger than he seems, as is evidenced when he carried Heather through the length of the Seven Mounds. He has pure white fur, and is known to have a somewhat wise and regal air about him.

Personality and traits

Picket, stay angry. It's okay if it's at me, for now. If you aren't angry about the wicked things happening in the world all around, then you don't have a soul.
— Smalls, The Green Ember, pg. 114

Smalls is a kind, quiet, dignified rabbit. He has experienced a lot throughout his life, which caused him to have a great deal more wisdom than was commonly allotted to rabbits of his age, thus giving him a generally non-optimistic view of the future. He is, however, not quick to trust just anyone, as he had suffered betrayal from some of his closest friends and family.

Family tree

- The Royal Family of Natalia -
Unknown wife
Unknown wife
Whitson Mariner
Unknown wife
Lucianne Blackstar
Lord Blackstar II
Unnamed descendants
Walter Good
Unknown wife
Unknown wife
Unnamed son
Jupiter Goodson
Lady Glen
Unnamed children
Unknown wife
Smalden Joveson
Heather Longtreader
Maggie Joveson
Hanna Joveson
Unnamed children

Note: Broken lines indicate relation through affinity or adoption or distant relation; unbroken lines indicate relation by blood.

- The Longtreader Family -
Unnamed ancestors (possibly including Forsythe Longtreader)
Unnamed grandmother
Garten Longtreader
Wilfred Longtreader
Whittle Longtreader
Sween Longtreader
15 unnamed adopted children
Smalden Joveson
Picket Longtreader
Jacket Longtreader
Unnamed children
Jo Longtreader
Unnamed children

Note: Broken lines indicate relation through affinity or adoption or distant relation; unbroken lines indicate relation by blood.


Jupiter Goodson and Lady Glen

King Jupiter was Smalls' father, and despite being his youngest son was seen as the most worthy to succeed him as King of Natalia.

Lady Glen is Small's mother but went into hiding when Smalls was young; despite this, he had great love for her that allowed him to be manipulated into traveling into danger at the thought of her coming to harm.

Winslow and Whitbie Joveson

Winslow and Whitbie are Smalls' oldest brothers, and for much of his life were divided in loyalty as well as by age. Winslow, as the eldest of the siblings, felt he was the rightful heir to the throne as did their uncle Bleston before him. As such, Smalls being given the Green Ember left him bitter and angry, and even willing to side with their father's murderer. Ruling as Morbin's puppet governor, Winslow usurped Smalls' rightful place as ruler over rabbitkind, and effectively exiled Smalls and his guardian Wilfred Longtreader from First Warren. He later expressed satisfaction at the news of Smalls' supposed death, but after being deposed and pardoned by Emma seems to have repented of his contempt for Smalls.

Whitbie, or Whit, had little interaction with his youngest brother, and sided with Winslow when his older brother accepted a place in Morbin's regime. In time, Whit came to see the error of his ways and returned to the allegiance of his father, thus acknowledging Smalls and later Emma as the rightful heirs to the throne. He thus condemned Winslow's rebellion, and actively worked to help overthrow him to make way for the Cause's reclamation of First Warren. After the war, Whit seems to have become a trusted associate of his youngest brother, now king of all Natalia, joining him in the task of investigating potential sites for a new Votive Sanctuary.


Emma is Smalls' younger sister and the last of their siblings, though for much of her life she was completely ignorant of this fact. Emma was entrusted to the care of Lord Rake after the death of King Jupiter, and a council of faithful rabbits decided, on the advice of Maggie Weaver, to withhold the truth about her identity from her. As he matured, Smalls agreed with this decision, feeling that it would make Emma a more suitable heir to him in the event that he died childless. He also wished to spare Emma the pain he had endured as a result of seeing their older siblings pledge their allegiance to the very tyrant who murdered their father.

Upon encountering Emma at Cloud Mountain after meeting Picket and Heather for the first time, Smalls smiled proudly as he heard her speak of the Mended Wood. Despite this, he seems to have maintained some distance from her, as she displayed little familiarity with him in their few interactions. After Heather and Picket were informed of Emma's true identity, Smalls swore them both to secrecy, insisting that she not be told the truth about herself unless the worst should happen to him. Fearing that very eventuality, he entrusted the Green Ember to Picket to deliver to Emma, along with a message expressing his love and regret at their parting. Later, the pair were happily reunited in the Mending, with Emma all the happier that she didn't have to shoulder the burden of ruling over Natalia.

Wilfred Longtreader

...for many years, I have been protected by the name Longtreader.
— Smalls about Wilfred, The Green Ember, p. 358

Wilfred was appointed as Smalls' guardian after the death of King Jupiter and Lady Glen's going into exile, and became a mentor and father figure to the prince who had known his own father so briefly. Wilfred dedicated his life to protecting Smalls, eventually traveling with him away from First Warren after Smalls' relationship with his oldest brother Winslow reached its lowest point. When Smalls was knocked unconscious during the attack on Nick Hollow, Wilfred became frantic and desperate to reach him. The following day, Wilfred did his best to gently advise Smalls against rash action and to reassure him, and later acted to calm his young ward when Smalls was angered by their welcome at Cloud Mountain. He would also tell Picket that keeping Smalls safe was his highest priority, even over his love for his niece and nephew.

Wilfred later saved Smalls' life when they stepped in during Helmer's training exercise, and angrily rebuffed Helmer when he came closer to check on Smalls. Later, Wilfred came to Smalls with news of Harbone's fears, and Smalls reacted sourly to learn of their lack of trust in Wilfred. Wilfred, however, felt that their suspicion was understandable, even as he simultaneously felt frustrated by their unwillingness to heed his counsel. Wilfred later shared his concerns over Smalls' behavior with Heather, later reacting with anger when she mentioned he might have left Cloud Mountain with Kyle. He was horrified to later learn that Smalls was heading into a trap at Jupiter's Crossing, and rushed to gather a force to rescue him.

Smalls, after his true identity became known to the rabbits of the Cause, vouched for Wilfred's loyalty and his role in keeping Smalls safe throughout the years. Smalls also did what he could to protect his guardian, previously acting to prevent a heated altercation between Wilfred and Captain Frye from turning into an actual fight. Unfortunately, he did not always pay heed to Wilfred's counsel, most notably defying him and other advisors in his attack on the Shade Hills prison camp. Though Wilfred recognized that Smalls had acted unwisely, he still blamed himself briefly for failing to save him. Wilfred also felt inadequate in terms of training Smalls for his future responsibilities, recognizing that there was much royal lore of which he was ignorant.

Heather Longtreader

Oh, Heather. You would have been a magnificent queen. Let's live like we are king and queen - just for now, here among our enemies - and finish an old task together.
— Smalls to Heather Longtreader, Ember's End, pg. 225

From the beginning, Smalls was attracted to Heather, even remarking on her beauty once, and Heather returned his quiet affection. Their love for one another grew gradually, though they never actually admitted it to one another. When Smalls and Heather were reunited in the Tomb, however, they professed their love for one another and fought against the dragon prince and his army like king and queen "among [their] enemies." After the War for All Natalia came to a close, Smalls took Heather as his wife and queen, and they had several children together.

Picket Longtreader

Smalls' relationship with Picket started out roughly, with Picket becoming jealous of the skillful prince and annoyed by his tendencies both to take charge and to address Picket as "lad". Though stern in dealing with the younger buck at times, Smalls did his best to be friendly, and in no way sought to provoke him. Unfortunately, despite managing to cooperate with him for the sake of Heather, Picket grew increasingly resentful of Smalls. When Picket exploded at him regarding his comments as to the fate of their family, Smalls sadly encouraged Picket's anger and even expressed willingness to be the object of it for the time being.

Despite Picket's dislike of him, Smalls carried him to safety after their arrival at Decker's Landing, and joined Heather in calling for a rest when he saw that Picket was suffering due to an injury. He later helped Picket get out of trouble with the Forest Guard, but berated him for his self-pitying attitude and urged him to repent of it. Picket would come to regret his treatment of Smalls, and later came to his rescue at Jupiter's Crossing. Having learned the truth about Smalls' identity, Picket became an ardent supporter of the prince. Smalls would later insist on accompanying Picket in scouting the deserted camp, though he would urge his friend to caution.

Against the advice of his council, Smalls later confided in Picket regarding intelligence suggesting that his family might be imprisoned in the Shade Hills camp. Picket urged Smalls to attempt a rescue, and when Smalls noted that all his counselors had advised against it, Picket claimed that his lack of action would shame him in Heather's eyes. Picket's pleas moved Smalls to follow his ill-considered plan to attack the camp, which led to his capture and later imprisonment in the dragon tomb. Picket would bitterly regret his role in Smalls' apparent death, and dedicated himself to fighting on in memory of his lost friend.

Smalls and Picket were later reunited during the final battle in the War for All Natalia, and Smalls was horrified when Picket lost an arm in an attack on Morbin, and rushed to his aid. He was further appalled when Picket, determined to fulfill his vows to Smalls and the Cause, made another charge that led to him plummeting from the top of the seventh standing stone. After the battle, Smalls was forced to leave Picket's bedside to attend to duties of state, but later returned on the day Picket awoke from his coma. The sight of Picket being reunited with his family moved Smalls to tears. At the first Feast of the Mending, Picket invited Smalls, his soon-to-be brother-in-law, to join the table set aside for him, an offer which Smalls politely declined.


  • S. D. Smith made Smalls short because he felt that it would be funny for a prince to be the last hope of the Cause, yet small in stature.[1]
  • The surname "Joveson" is a reference to Smalls being the son of Jupiter Goodson, as "Jove" is derived from the Roman name "Jupiter."[2]



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