The Seven Standing Stones are a series of monuments replicated in various locations around Natalia. They are representative of the stones crossed by Flint and Fay after they departed Immovable Mountain and set out for Blue Moss Hills.


Each of the Seven Stones has a meaning associated with it. At the present, only the meanings of the last two are known:

The sixth stone: The Wind Hook

The meaning of this phrase is unclear, but whatever it is, it was a benevolent thing. Bleston, before he was revealed to be evil, was called "a hook of wind on our sixth step."

The seventh stone: The Turning

The seventh stone is a stone of turning. It is where Flint and Fay could have turned back, but instead, they leaped.


Cloud Mountain

The Seven Standing Stones on Cloud Mountain are located on the plateau, and were largely neglected for a number of years. They were maintained by a small number of votaries and Heyward, and a handful of faithful Rabbits - such as Smalden Joveson and Jo Shanks - continued to visit them. Following Picket Longtreader's victory at Jupiter's Crossing, many rabbits turned back to the traditions of their forebears and the standing stones received more visitors. Garten Longtreader was later carried away from the top of one, while Heather Longtreader was carried away when she intervened to prevent Emma form giving herself up to Morbin Blackhawk.

First Warren

The Seven Standing Stones in First Warren are the largest in all of Natalia, towering over even the governor's palace. Sadly, during the occupation of the city by the Lords of Prey and their wolf allies, the stones were defiled. Each stone became a pedestal for a statue: one bearing the kneeling image of Garten Longtreader while the others bore likenesses of the Six, the leaders of the Lords of Prey.

Halfwind Citadel

The Seven Standing Stones in Halfwind Citadel were located in Leaper's Hall.


Ember Falls

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Ember's End

The Seven Standing Stones in First Warren are mentioned by Louise, when she tells Picket Longtreader that she'll meet him beneath the seventh Standing Stone.

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