Seven Mounds is a location near Nick Hollow in northern Natalia. It consists of an underground labyrinth, visible from the outside as a series of natural-looking hills, hence its name.


The Green Ember

The Seven Mounds are first mentioned when Heather and Picket are being pursued by Redeye Garlackson and his wolves. Heather commands Picket to flee to the Third Mound. It is covered with brush to disguise the small, cave-like opening. Inside is cold and damp, with a high ceiling and is said to be able to hold about five or six more rabbits.

Further inside the Mound is a narrow rocky passage that leads to a wider room. Inside are assortments of rubble including crumbling tapestries, neglected cups on the floor, and noted "drawings" on the walls. Picket also is seen hearing voices, yet indistinct. Smalls is somewhat familiar with the passageways in the Mounds, leading Picket through the labyrinths. Picket recognizes the blocked-up entrance of the Fifth Mound, and mentions that there is a stream running through the First Mound that runs into a brook past the Seventh Mound. A downward spiraling tunnel in the Seventh Mound leads to an underground river with a small pebbly shore. Picket uses an anchor to burst through the weakened wall of the Mound and escapes with Heather and an unconscious Smalls in a riverboat.

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