The secret citadels of Natalia are hidden communities of rabbits loyal to the fallen kingdom of King Jupiter, and thus, were also domiciles of the Resistance. They were refuges for those rabbits who were oppressed by the terrifying Redeye Garlackson and Morbin Blackhawk, concealed cities that housed rabbits of all trades and kinds.


Few of the Secret Citadels were described in much detail; however, the community of Cloud Mountain was an exception: it could only be entered by way of the Savory Den, which masqueraded as a simple restaurant for hungry passerbys in order to give Redeye Garlackson and Morbin Blackhawk's minions the false impression that there was nothing there that they needed to be concerned about.

A secret door could be entered at the very back of the Savory Den, and a tunnel led from there to the Village Green on a plateau high above the cloud belt of Cloud Mountain where many of Cloud Mountain's citizens lived, growing food for the survival of the citadel. Somewhere inside the mountain, and thus in between the Savory Den and the plateau, were King Whitson's Garden, Light Hall, Hallway Round, Great Hall, Master Hall, and many living quarters for other rabbits who lived there. The inhabitants of Cloud Mountain were of all kinds, tinkers, farmers, potters, forgers, and many others. Not just anyone could take refuge there, however.

In order to keep the Secret Citadel of Cloud Mountain secret, Lord Rake would have everyone who came there go through an initiation process, which meant that all of the inhabitants of the mountain would not let those in the initiation process know of anything vital to the secrecy of the mountain. Those in the initiation process were prohibited from entering certain places, such as Light Hall, until the culmination of their initiation.


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