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You left defenseless children to die, bargained us all away to dragons. You think we don't have the resolve to fight you? It's a mercy we don't end you all right now. Make another move forward, and you'll find out how ready we are to do what we must.

Mother Saramack was a doe who resided in Natalia during the time of King Whitson Mariner. She was a valued member of the king's council.



It is presumed that Mother Saramack was aboard the ships that sailed from Golden Coast to the new land of Natalia under the command of King Whitson Mariner.

The Black Star of Kingston

When Walters told King Whitson Mariner of Lord Grimble, who wanted to go against the king's orders and cut into the northeastern glade for fuel stocks, Whitson asked if there were any who opposed him. Walters said that Mother Saramack had spoken out quite boldly against Grimble. Hearing this, the king resented complaining about the Widows List, and Queen Lillie jokingly remarked that Saramack would agree with him.

The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner

Mother Saramack was among the rabbits who, when a sinking Vanguard is being evacuated, refused to abandon ship until all the rest had gone. When Vanguard sank, Saramack was believed to be lost.

Some time later, King Whitson Mariner took Steadfast upriver from the island on which the survivors of Vanguard took shelter. Massie Burnson spotted movement on a faraway shore, which was revealed to be Mother Saramack and the other rabbits who were presumed dead.

While a battle raged between the crews of Steadfast and Desolation, many of Captain Grimble's allies, all of whom had previously abandoned ship, prepared to head back into the fray. Queen Lillie ordered them to surrender, but the bucks merely laughed. Luckily, more of Lillie's allies arrived, and Commander Usher himself took an arrow from a seething Mother Saramack, forcing him and his allies to remain on shore.

After the battle, Whitson was approached by Mother Saramack, who directed him, Lillie, and Lander to the wreckage of Vanguard, where a crate had been found with King Gerrard's seal on it. Inside, much to their awe and relief, they found the Stone Sword of Flint.

Physical appearance

Mother Saramack was a dark-furred doe with bright eyes and ears that tended to lay against the back of her head. She wore a simple dress.

Personality and traits

I wasn't the only ancient thing to wash up here.

Mother Saramack is bold, loyal, and somewhat feisty, with a good sense of humor. She will gladly speak up for a cause she believes in, and is a strong supporter of King Whitson Mariner. She is also not afraid to use a weapon, as seen when she shoots Commander Usher with a bow.

Skills and abilities

Mother Saramack was fairly knowledgeable in archery.

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