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I have had to keep mum about this for a while and I am SO thrilled to blab this news. We will be sharing The Green Ember LIVE at special events this year. It’s going to be really fun!

S. D. Smith's Green Ember LIVE is a series of live events inspired by The Green Ember series.


Official summaryEdit

"The Green Ember LIVE is a reading of a brand new, exclusive, unreleased, unpublished Green Ember story accompanied by never-before-seen projected illustrations by Zach Franzen. You won’t be able to get this story anywhere else. The event will also feature original songs from the series, like “Picket Packslayer” and “The Mended Wood.” Sing along, or just enjoy!"[1]


Each event features a series of sing-along songs from the series, sung by S. D. Smith and Josiah Smith, which are in order as follows:

Following the songs, Smith reads a poem aloud, and then reads Potter's War: A Green Ember Story aloud, while black and white illustrations flash across the screen behind him. After this, Smith does a Q&A session for both children and parents. In total, the whole event lasts about an hour and thirty minutes.



February 2019Edit

  • February 8 – Fort Worth, TX[2]
  • February 9 – Current Church, Katy (West Houston), Texas[2]

May 2019Edit

  • May 23 – FPEA, Orlando, Florida[2]



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