Captain Redthaw was an officer of Harbone Citadel under Lord Hewson.


Ember Rising

Captain Redthaw attended both council meetings at which Lord Captain Helmer and Captain Picket Longtreader were present as part of their plans to infiltrate First Warren. On the second occasion, he listed off numerous rabbits who had perished attempting the various entry means which Helmer and Picket proposed. Despite this, Redthaw took part in the operation to get the two into the city, and selected Emerson and Harmon to operate two of the three Bowstrikers.

They succeeded in getting Helmer and Picket inside, but Redthaw was among the Harbone rabbits who were killed during the simultaneous attack by the Wild Wolf Pack.

Ember's End

Redthaw is referenced by Picket Longtreader, who recalls how he was killed at the hands of a certain pack of bloodthirsty wolves.

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