Redeye Garlackson was the leader of Morbin Blackhawk's wolf army. He was slain by Picket Longtreader at Jupiter's Crossing.


The Green EmberEdit

Attack on Nick HollowEdit

Redye led the group of wolves that attacked Nick Hollow and kidnapped Whittle, Sween and Jacks.

Jupiter's CrossingEdit

Redeye was leading the wolves at Jupiter's crossing when they ambushed and captured Smalls. He was preparing to kill Smalls with permission from Garten Longtreader when Picket attacked and killed Redeye before more help arrived to drive off the remaining wolves.

Physical appearanceEdit

Redeye had a long dark scar across the left side of his face where his eye should have been. His right eye was bright red. Like the other wolves, he was dressed in black, with a red diamond symbol on the chest. His arm was marked with an "M" brand.

Personality and traitsEdit

Redeye, like most wolves, was vicious and power-hungry. He cared little for the lives of others, especially those of rabbits.