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How now, young prince? Where is your keeper? Has your Longtreader betrayed you as well? I think so. No one will come for you. My wolves have done their work. My spy has done his work. You, like your father, are doomed.
— Redeye Garlackson to Smalden Joveson, The Green Ember, pg. 349

Redeye Garlackson was the leader of Morbin Blackhawk's wolf army. He was slain by Picket Longtreader at Jupiter's Crossing.


Early life

Redeye was born the son of the wolf king Garlacks, who oppressed the rabbits of Red Valley. When his father was killed by King Jupiter in the climax of the Red Valley War, Redeye swore to wipe out the line of Jupiter in vengeance for his father. His vow led him to ally his wolves with the Lords of Prey, giving them needed ground forces. Redeye was later present at Jupiter's Crossing when King Jupiter was betrayed and captured, and witnessed his death at Morbin's talons. Afterwards, Redeye unleashed his wolves upon First Warren during the afterterrors, resulting in many deaths.

The Green Ember

Redeye leads a force of wolves to Nick Hollow, where they succeed in capturing Whittle, Sween, and Jacket Longtreader. They then became aware of Heather and Picket, and Redeye and one of his underlings manage to corner her. Redeye attempted to demoralize her by accusing her father of treason, but Heather takes him by surprise and managed to escape. He and his wolves pursue her through Evergreen Row, with only two of them managing to follow her all the way to Seven Mounds. Heather becomes trapped in the entrance, and Redeye thanks her for the exhilarating chase as he prepares to kill her.

Redeye's plans are thwarted by the arrival of Wilfred Longtreader and Smalden Joveson, who get Heather to safety and kill his fellow wolf. Unable to face the two rabbits alone, Redeye departs, giving the wolf howl of shame as he did so. He and his forces later arrive outside the Seventh Mound just in time to see the four rabbits escaping in a boat. Sadly, their trip down the Whitmer River leads them to another party of Redeye's wolves, who have already burned down the home of Tommy Decker at Decker's Landing.

Redeye later ambushes Smalls at Jupiter's Crossing, having arranged the trap with help from Kyle and sent his wolves to attack Cloud Mountain as a distraction. Angered at Smalls' defiance, he is eager to kill him, and encouraged in his desires by Garten Longtreader. However, he is caught off guard by the unexpected arrival of Picket Longtreader, who managed to overcome a pair of birds of prey who had accompanied Redeye. Totally stunned by Picket's aerial acrobatics, Redeye is cut down by the young Longtreader, with the red sun setting on his final moments as it had on his father's.

The Last Archer

Redeye is mentioned by Wilfred Longtreader, who expresses his wish that Frye and his rabbits would turn their attention to defeating him and Morbin instead of persecuting the Longtreader family.

The First Fowler

Redeye is mentioned on several occasions, with the wolves he commanded having been reassembled under the command of Preylord Solus. Redeye is also noted as one of the few commanders ever able to discipline wolf soldiers, along with his father and King Farlock.

Ember Falls

Rumor of Redeye's death makes its way to Akolan, and Sween later heard it being discussed by Flox and Blenk.

Ember Rising

Upon arriving at her parents' home in Akolan, Heather confirms for them word of Redeye's death and specifies Picket as the one who slew him. On their way to Harbone Citadel, Helmer notes that a wolf whom he had saved Lord Hewson from had not been as formidable as Redeye.

The Archer's Cup

Redeye is mentioned by Cheltham as he explains that Redeye and his pack were responsible for the deaths of Doosan's family.

Ember's End

Redeye is mentioned in connection with his cousin Farlock, who sent Redeye and an army of wolves to the aid of Morbin after Garlacks was killed by King Jupiter.

Physical appearance

Redeye had a long dark scar across the left side of his face where his eye should have been, and his right eye was bright red. Like the other wolves, he was dressed in black, with a red diamond symbol on the chest of his uniform. His arm was marked with Morbin Blackhawk's brand: an M.

Personality and traits

I'll snap your neck, Jupiter Smalls, and feel nothing but delight.
— Redeye Garlackson to Smalden Joveson, The Green Ember, pg. 349

Redeye, like most wolves, was vicious and power-hungry, though he was more disciplined than those under his command. He cared little for the lives of others, especially those of rabbits, but enjoys the thrill of the chase. Due to the death of his father, he had a deep-seeded hatred for the line of King Jupiter, which he sought to bring to an end.

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