The raptor sentinels are a group of Birds of Prey charged with maintaining order in various rabbit settlements which they control.


Ember Rising

Raptor sentinels were long employed in Akolan to quell any signs of resistance among the rabbits kept there as slaved. Eventually, this task was taken up by Garten Longtreader's Longtreader Command, and the sentinels were freed from these duties. However, Akolan's location in the High Bleaks made it easy for Preylords to swoop down upon the city in the event they were needed. This occurred on Victory Day after Heather Longtreader's arrival in the city.

In the occupied city of First Warren, sentinels were put into place following the afterterrors, and its members were constantly rotated. The one exception was Lord Falcowit of the Six, who remained in First Warren except when called to council with his peers. These sentinels were a horrific presence overshadowing First Warren, swooping in and carrying off rabbit younglings on every occurrence of trouble. They also proved the greatest obstacle to various attempts-usually orchestrated by Harbone Citadel-to infiltrate the city.

Eventually, Helmer and Picket Longtreader managed to get into the city using glider capes after Lord Hewson and some of Harbone's finest provided a distraction for them. In retaliation for what they assumed was insurrectionist activity from within the city, the raptors carried off many children from the city center. Later, they were in position to carry off all the city's younglings on Victory Day, only to be distracted by the destruction of the Citadel of Dreams. They swiftly returned from their investigation to attack the resistance forces attempting to save the younglings.

At that point, the full army of the Cause arrived in force and breached the wall of First Warren, forcing the sentinels to break off their attack and engage them. The rabbit invaders, for their part, targeted the sentinels, determined to insure that not a single one escaped to alert Morbin to the fall of his captured city. Ultimately, they were all slain, with Jo Shanks and Emerson killing the last two, one of whom was Falcowit himself. The death of the Preylord marked a decisive end to the Battle for First Warren.

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