...I'm planning for a war, and those plans can't include losing our best assets in another futile effort to save a few slaves--however precious they are.
— Lord Ramnor to Heather Longtreader,
Ember Falls, p. 30

Lord Ramnor was the lord of Halfwind Citadel. He was murdered by Perkinson during the Attack on Halfwind Citadel.


The Green Ember

Prior to the congress, Lord Ramnor met with Lord Rake in an attempt to put Wilfred Longtreader on trial for being a Longtreader. Lord Ramnor was the one who convinced Blackstone Citadel to attend the Citadel Congress despite their hatred of the Longtreaders.

The Last Archer

Lord Ramnor held a series of meeting with his captains and officers regarding the congress at Cloud Mountain. As such, he missed the first rounds of the Archer's Cup, an event first instituted by one of his grandfathers at First Warren. Later, upon arriving at Cloud Mountain, Ramnor hurried through the Savory Den to the inner tunnels.

The First Fowler

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Ember Falls

After Smalls' and Picket's ambush at the abandoned slave camp, Lord Ramnor no longer sanctioned any rescue attempts. He assigned Heather Longtreader to be the field medic for the Fowlers as a member of the Halfwind medical staff under Emma.

Heather found Lord Ramnor with a bloody wound in his ready room, held by Perkinson. His last words were "There... it... lies."

It was later discovered that Ramnor was murdered by Perkinson.

Ember Rising

Heather recalls Lord Ramnor in Akolan, comparing the size of his ready room with that of the Seventh District council chamber.

Personality and traits

Lord Ramnor was an old rabbit with a stately bearing. He had a love of stories and shared many of his books with Heather. He was as much of a scholar as he was a military commander.

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