Perkinson was the son of Perkin One-Eye, former close friend of Picket Longtreader, and traitor to the Resistance.


Ember Falls

Perkinson becomes a member of the newly formed Fowlers following his arrival at Halfwind Citadel. Though Picket is initially in awe of the son of King Jupiter's best friend, he and Perkinson strike up a ready friendship and friendly competitiveness. The two take part in a training session with teammates Jo Shanks and Heyward, the latter of whom is dismissed from the unit after bungling the training operation for the entire group. Later, Picket finds him at the training course early one morning, and they discuss both the departure of Prince Smalden Joveson's court and their new teammate Coleden Blackstar.

The pair end up racing through Halfwind's corridors to the Mess Hall, only to trip and make a mess of themselves. They are reprimanded by Helmer and ordered to collect Jo and Cole. Before the four can begin training, the Attack on Halfwind Citadel commences, and Perkinson rushes inside to raise the alarm. He returns to the battle to rescue his comrades, and is then sent inside with Picket to insure the safety of vital personnel. The two separate, and Heather later finds Perkinson standing over a mortally wounded Lord Ramnor, whom an anxious Perkinson pleads with her to help.

After Ramnor dies, Perkinson leaves to rejoin the battle, at which point the Terralain army under Bleston and Kylen arrives. Perk joins the other Fowlers at lunch one day, where they discuss the apparent failure of various messengers sent out since the Terralains arrived. Later, the Fowlers are about to begin another training session after teasing Jo about receiving medical care, when they are interrupted by Helmer and Frye. They then mobilize with the rest of Halfwind Citadel to go to the aid of Cloud Mountain, which is under threat from Morbin Blackhawk's massive army.

Perk remains with Heather and the other Fowlers when Picket leaves to receive special instructions, and the whole group later investigates a sentry signal. They find a badly wounded Wilfred Longtreader, who reports that Prince Smalls has apparently been killed. With Emma, Smalls' unknowing sister, now the heir to the throne, Heather leaves for Cloud Mountain to secure her, with Perk accompanying her and recruiting several others to serve as an escort. After arriving in the Savory Den, Perk leaves to join the Terralains, leaving Heather with a cryptic warning about how the day may affect things.

Perk later appears with Bleston and several Terralain soldiers to abduct Emma, intending to turn her over to Morbin in exchange for a peace treaty between Terralain and the Lords of Prey. Heather and Emma quickly deduce that Perk has been working for Bleston and murdered Lord Ramnor, with Perk admitting that he has served Bleston for years. When Kylen is accused of being part of the plot as well, Perk starts to deny it but is cut off by Bleston. Perk then joins in the pursuit of the two does as they flee, only to capture them when they arrive at the Seven Standing Stones.

After Picket makes a stunning entrance using a glider cape and carries Bleston off the plateau edge, Perkin refuses to surrender. He threatens Emma, and asks Garten Longtreader-a party to Bleston's treachery-if the treaty can still be secured. Upon learning that there is no insurance against his being killed, he expresses an intent to kill Emma before he dies. However, Picket returns and engages Perk in mortal combat, and Perk joins his master in falling to his death from Cloud Mountain.

Personality and traits

Despite being the son of a famous warrior-indeed, one of the former Lord Captains of Natalia-Perkinson was approachable and friendly. Indeed, Perk's lineage was something of a sore subject, as he sought to be known for his own deeds. The fact that his own name served as a reminder of his father was something of a weight, though he chose to retain it, claiming that it "[kept him] sharp." As a result of his parentage, Perkinson was a skilled fighter, instructed in combat by the best teachers from his early youth.

Unfortunately, Perk did not live up to the legacy of either his father or grandfather Chancellor Perkin, pledging loyalty to the usurper Bleston as opposed to the line of Jupiter, the chosen heir of Walter Good. In this secret allegiance, Perk acted as a double agent, playing the part of a faithful subject of Jupiter's heir while secretly carrying out Bleston's orders. This included murdering Lord Ramnor, presumably to facilitate Bleston's takeover of Halfwind, and he evidently overcame whatever remorse he may have felt for his treachery. He was further willing to help capture Emma and do harm to her and Heather.

In his final moments, Perk became truly desperate, seeking to carry on Bleston's plans despite the prince's death. Upon learning that there was nothing to insure that he would survive the altercation, he was fully intent on killing Emma on the supposition that it would give some satisfaction to his own bitter death. When Picket intervened, Perk attacked his former friend in a rage, but proved to be no match for the loyal rabbit.


  • According to S.D. Smith, Perkinson actually knew more about Bleston's plans-at least so far as betraying the Cause-than Kylen did.[1]


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